Association Posts Video Advisory for Medicare Supplement Insurance Policyholders

A new video from the American Association for Medicare Supplement Insurance explains a coverage gap that imp[acts as many as 600,000 consumers with Medigap insurance coverage.

Los Angeles, CA, August 27, 2015 --( A new four minute video explores what consumers with Medicare Supplement insurance need to understand about changes in how Medicare covers certain hospital stays.

"Thousands of Americans with Medicare coverage are now being impacted and facing thousands of dollars in uncovered expenses," explains Jesse Slome, director of the American Association for Medicare Supplement Insurance (AAMSI). The organization has posted a four-minute video designed to shed light on the topic and provide some helpful information.

"Medicare is a great program paying billions of dollars each year for seniors with health issues," Slome explains. "But, if a hospital codes the patient a certain way, that person may not receive all the coverage they anticipated when they are discharged from the hospital and need recovery care in a rehab facility or in their own home."

Slome points to a NBC Nightly News television report that highlights the important trend. "We are hearing from consumers whose family members are impacted," Slome notes. "No one likes a surprise, especially when it comes with a bill for $10,000 or more. That prompted us to create a video to help educate both consumers as well as insurance professionals."

The organization's video can be seen at

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