SweatWorks Announces Launch of New Website for BattleFrog

SweatWorks announces the launch of new functional fitness website for client BattleFrog Obstacle Race Series.

South Orange, NJ, August 28, 2015 --(PR.com)-- SweatWorks, the fastest growing technology company in functional fitness, is proud to announce the launch of a new in-house web design for BattleFrog Obstacle Race Series. The site, live at http://battlefrogseries.com, was expertly designed by Navy SEALs and SeaBees to offer the ultimate online Obstacle Course Racing experience. In addition to the new design of the website, SweatWorks will also be providing a new content management system, updated registration workflows and race technologies, such as timing and photos.

The new website launch supports BattleFrog’s major race expansion throughout North America, including new races in Canada. BattleFrog’s 2016 race series will make a total of 44 stops in major cities throughout the continent.

Speaking about the popularity of BattleFrog races, BattleFrog CEO Ramiro Ortiz comments: “The response to our races and lifestyle has been overwhelming. Customers have been enjoying our races, they have seen the BattleFrog College Championship on ESPN and have been clamoring for more locations. We are thrilled that athletes and families throughout all of North America can experience our races...”

Along with its new website launch, BattleFrog also released a detailed schedule for all of its 2016 races. The company will be offering 2016 early registrants a “Buy One, Get One Free” (event) for 30 days, concluding September 20, 2015. Additionally, registrants using the code “STRONGER” will receive a free entry of equal or lower value that they may use to register a family member, friend or co-worker.

BattleFrog’s 2016 schedule will kick off January 23, 2016 in San Diego and will be consistently posted on the company’s interactive new website, designed in-house by SweatWorks. Speaking on the new online experience, Mohammed Iqbal, CEO of SweatWorks, comments: “We are thrilled to launch the new website for BattleFrog. The new site features an easy-to-use event finder, allowing GEO-based discovery technologies. It also allows participants to find what they want most after an event-photos and results- quickly and easily. In the coming months, we will continue to work with the BattleFrog team on the next phases of the new site to bring even more value to the brand and lifestyle.”

Visit www.BattleFrogSeries.com for a full list of race dates and cities. For more information on SweatWorks’ web design capabilities, along with scoring and registration services, visit www.sweatworks.net.

About SweatWorks
SweatWorks is a technology company that is focused on fitness. We have a passion for fitness and technology, leading to the successful launch of our groundbreaking affiliate and event management tools for functional fitness. With over 3 million athletes tracked at over 600 functional fitness, endurance and OCR events since 2012, SweatWorks is the worldwide leader in event technology. Our products create interactive experiences for athletes, event organizers, and box owners. We are more than just an affiliate management, registration and scoring company. We are committed to the fitness community. Find out more at www.sweatworks.net.

About BattleFrog
The BattleFrog Obstacle Race Series is one of the nation’s fastest growing outdoor fitness events. BattleFrog is heralded as one of the top OCR companies by industry publications and is widely considered the most challenging Elite Points Series events in OCR. At every event BattleFrog offers its namesake 8KM course, the “BattleFrog Extreme” challenging racers to achieve the longest overall distance, the “BullFrog Mile” and the 400-meter “Tadpole Dash” for families with young children. The BattleFrog College Championship debuted on ESPN network this summer to large audiences and rave reviews. For more information about BattleFrog visit www.BattleFrogSeries.com or follow BattleFrog on Facebook (www.Facebook.com/BattleFrogSeries). BattleFrog – Stronger With Every Step.™
Mohammed Iqbal