Female Portland Chiropractor Incorporates Gentle Cranial Work and Movement to Help Kids Attain Their Fullest Potential

Dr. Jess Barr Desbrow, DC is treating children with learning disabilities using gentle chiropractic, craniosacral therapy and therapeutic movements. She also works delicately with infants to help avoid the need for this work down the road.

Portland, OR, December 08, 2007 --(PR.com)-- Dr. Jess Barr Desbrow, DC is a Chiropractor with a twist. She is committed to addressing the intellectual and behavioral components of young people, as she works structurally with the nervous system. “Whenever I tell people I want to use chiropractic to help kids with different learning abilities, they say- wow, I didn’t even know chiropractors worked with kids at all. And you know, neither did I”, she admits.

Jess’s decision to become a Chiropractic Physician was largely motivated by her work as a wilderness educator and school teacher. “I could not believe how medicated many of my students were. Yet, they would be taken off the drugs for summer trips and behave as insightful, exceptional kids.” She recognized the potential of her students, given the right environment and activities, to be successful without stimulants and anti-depressants.

“I began to teach my students simple movements that they could employ before tests, speaking aloud, or writing papers. Intentional motions can be targeted to stimulate specific neural pathways, making retrieving and communicating knowledge much easier,” states Jess enthusiastically. She enjoys teaching parents and teachers how to support their students with these types of activities. Even having worked successfully in this way with many challenged students, she recognized the importance of getting to the core of the problem, hence returned to school for Chiropractic.

Often, kids that manifest different learning abilities are expressing imbalances for which they have been compensating for many years- often as early as birth. Jess tells us that, “even a slight structural shift of the spine or cranium can create nerve interference that affects sensation, function, attentiveness, performance and behavior. The forces that infants undergo in the birth canal are astounding, not to mention the number of falls and little traumas that come with growing up. I use gentle Chiropractic and CranioSacral therapy as my primary tools, and often address lifestyle habits of activities and nutrition, as well.”

Though she is very excited to work with children who are stuck in compensatory learning patterns, Jess is especially motivated to treat infants to ensure alignment before problems arise. “Babies require only the slightest touch to balance their systems, and can be saved literally decades of challenges by being checked on before their little structures harden. It really never occurred to me that chiropractic and pediatrics could mix, but knowing what I know now, I believe we can truly change our future world by giving them this attention early on. It honesty feels like an injustice for me to not promote this kind of service”, Jess emphasizes with sincerity.

Chiropractic care for children is becoming increasingly common, and there are specialized classes and seminars that teach doctors how to modify their care for this specific population. It is extremely safe, and a wonderful, non-pharmaceutical way to treat common conditions, including ear and sinus infections, colic, bed-wetting, torticollis, asthma, growing pains, and learning and behavioral challenges.

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