New Meal Options for Families on the Go

Forget fast food and frozen dinners. Clarksville Cafe now offers three delicious ways for families to eat dinner on the go.

West Windsor, NJ, December 08, 2007 --( The Clarksville Café has extended its hours until 8pm, expanded its menu to include dinner options, and added several quick and easy ways for parents to get dinner to go for the whole family. The owners Scott Jackson and Vinny Yandoli hope these new improvements will provide a great tasting, healthy alternative to fast fun runs.

As the holiday season approaches, parents are busier than ever. Sometimes there isn’t enough time between work and holiday shopping to cook. “Fast food and frozen dinners are convenient for families on the go, but unfortunately they lack nutritional value and taste.” says Yandoli. “Clarksville Café now has 3 ways that you can enjoy a home cooked meal when you’re on the run. ”

The first choice is for each family member to create a custom meal using the Café’s new hot bar and salad bar, which are continuously stocked throughout the night with freshly made food. According to Jackson, “We have a wide variety of fresh food on our hotbar and the choices are different every day. From hot wings, to macaroni and cheese, to bbq chicken breast, we make sure there is something there to please every family member.” The hotbar is priced at only $5.50 per pound.

The second choice is to grab a high quality, pre-made dinner staple such as meatloaf, chicken piccatta, or London broil. These items are conveniently packaged in microwavable-safe containers and selections rotate often so customers can enjoy a variety of different foods. There are also homemade side dishes and salads available by the pound to create a complete meal.

Finally, when customers are just in the mood for a sandwich and some fries, Clarksville Cafe’s kitchen is now open until 8pm from Monday to Saturday.

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