Wolf Haven International Earns Accreditation from Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries

Washington, DC, August 29, 2015 --(PR.com)-- “Wolf Haven International truly maintains the welfare of the wolves as their greatest priority as demonstrated by their highly naturalized wolf habitats and their “hands-off” animal management practices,” says Kellie Heckman, Executive Director of GFAS.

The Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries (GFAS) is honored to announce that Wolf Haven International in Tenino, Washington has achieved GFAS Accreditation.

“It is heartwarming to see animals that were once neglected, abandoned or abused receiving the high quality, livelong care and respect they deserve at Wolf Haven International. Wolf Haven International truly maintains the welfare of the wolves as their greatest priority as demonstrated by their highly natural wolf habitats and their 'hands-off' animal management practices,” says, Kellie Heckman, Executive Director of GFAS.

Achieving GFAS Accreditation means Wolf Haven International meets the comprehensive and rigorous definition of a true sanctuary and is providing humane and responsible care of the canids, meeting rigorous and peer-reviewed standards for operations, administration, and veterinary care established by GFAS, which is the only globally recognized organization providing standards for identifying legitimate animal sanctuaries. The accreditation status also provides a clear and trusted means for public, donors, and government agencies to recognize Wolf Haven International as an exceptional sanctuary.

Wolf Haven International’s mission is working to conserve and protect wolves and their habitat. Founded in 1982 by Steve and Linda Kuntz, Wolf Haven has rescued and provided a safe haven for captive born, displaced wolves for more than three decades. Many of the wolves were originally privately owned, while others came from zoos, roadside attractions and other less than ideal situations. Some of the wolves may be viewed during guided sanctuary visits; however the majority reside outside of the public area and are seen only by animal care staff during routine care and feeding.

Wolf Haven follows a hands-off approach with their resident wolves, and does not force unnecessary human interaction upon them. Committed to providing the highest level of care for the wolves, Wolf Haven carefully examines every action or procedure to ensure that it best serves the animals living there. Diane Gallegos, executive director of Wolf Haven explains: “As a sanctuary, we provide a safe, lifetime home where the wolves are free to express themselves and be appreciated for who and what they are.”

The wolves receive exceptional care, quality food and progressive medical treatment. Wolf Haven’s guiding principle is to consider all aspects of each animal’s well-being and ensure that they are treated with compassion, respect and dignity from the day they arrive until their end of days.

Wolf Haven’s most recent rescue is Shali, an eight-year old female gray wolf from a zoo in Asheville, NC. She did not get along with two other wolves there and with limited options (many facilities are not interested in “middle-aged” wolves), Shali found refuge at Wolf Haven.

Wolf Haven offers a variety of educational programs, participates in two federally managed, multi-agency captive breeding programs for endangered wolves and advocates for wolves in the wild. Wolf Haven also received American Sanctuary Accreditation (ASA) in 2013, one of only two wolf sanctuaries in the country to earn this distinction.

For more information about GFAS, please visit www.sanctuaryfederation.org. For additional information about Wolf Haven International please visit www.wolfhaven.org.

About Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries
Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries (GFAS) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to the sole purpose of strengthening and supporting the work of animal sanctuaries, rescues, and rehabilitation centers worldwide. The goal of GFAS in working with and assisting these animal care facilities is to ensure they are supported, honored, recognized and rewarded for meeting important criteria in providing care to the animals in residence. GFAS was founded in 2007 by animal protection leaders from a number of different organizations in response to virtually unchecked and often hidden exploitation of animals for human entertainment and financial profit. The GFAS Board of Directors guides the organization’s work in a collaborative manner. While the board includes those in top leadership at Born Free USA, The Humane Society of the United States, International Fund for Animal Welfare, the ASPCA, and American Anti-Vivisection Society, all board members serve as individuals dedicated to animal sanctuaries. www.sanctuaryfederation.org.

About Wolf Haven International
Wolf Haven International is a nonprofit wolf sanctuary and education center located in Tenino, WA. The mission of Wolf Haven is to conserve and protect wolves and their habitat. Since 1982, Wolf Haven has rescued and provided lifetime sanctuary to over 200 wolves. With the support of dedicated members and volunteers, Wolf Haven provides sanctuary for captive born, displaced wolves, offers educational programs on the value of all wildlife; promotes wolf restoration in historic ranges; and advocates the protection of our remaining wild wolves and their habitat. Over 12,000 visitors annually enjoy guided walking visits of the public portion of the wolf sanctuary. For more information about Wolf Haven and to schedule a sanctuary visit, go to wolfhaven.org.
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