Virtual Media Group Takes Steps Toward Going Green

Virtual Media Group has announced that it is taking steps to protect the environment by moving towards paperless functioning. The video marketing company has transitioned its entire sales team to an electronic process that includes cloud-based programs and online material, eliminating all printing as well as the use of paper within the department.

St. Louis, MO, August 30, 2015 --( As a marketing video leader, Virtual Media Group announces that it has embraced the use of online materials and cloud-based work for its sales department. This has led to the complete removal of printers and the need for physical paper. The change has allowed the video marketing company to become more cost and time efficient, while also doing its part to protect the environment.

According to, the average office worker uses 10,000 sheets of copy paper each year, and half of all paper production in the United States is used for writing and printing purposes. The production of paper uses up valuable resources and harms the environment as it contributes to the problem of greenhouse gases.

Todd Wallis, CEO of Virtual Media Group, commented on his company’s efforts, "Caring for the environment and ‘going green’ is a major concern for all business owners. In this day and age, we have the means to go paperless, and our company is helping businesses everywhere do just that. Video is an eco-friendly business practice, and a major medium that people use to communicate today. Since we focus on helping businesses cut out wasteful print marketing by incorporating video, we also believe in continually improving how we as a company affect the environment."

To achieve the goal of going paperless, the video marketing company employed the use of Quote Roller, a sales proposal software company. Since the program’s implementation in August, 2014, the company has cut more than 75 percent of its paper usage, while experiencing an internal growth rate of 50 percent. Virtual Media Group also uses many other cloud based applications such as Dropbox, Salesforce and Basecamp, which keep everything online and off paper.

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About Virtual Media Group:
Virtual Media Group is the only video marketing company of its kind. Offering 11 different video styles, VMG specializes in producing compelling video sales presentations. These presentations create demand for products and services via impactful videos that touch people’s hearts and minds. From its St. Louis headquarters, VMG helps businesses around the corner, and around the globe, increase leads and sales. In addition to local small-to-medium-sized businesses, VMG serves a wide range of worldwide companies such as Xerox, SKECHERS, Best Western, Union Pacific Railroad, AAA, Aramark and the U.S. Marine Corps.
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