Customers Find That HAGA's Non-GMO Survival Seeds Are Also Suitable as Party Favors

Incline Village, NV, September 01, 2015 --( Home and Garden America's best-selling non-GMO survival seeds have found yet another special use. Aside for vegetable gardening and emergency preparedness, Amazon customers have discovered that the seeds are also suitable as party favors.

The 105 Varieties Complete Survival Seeds Pack, in particular, work well for this purpose because there are plenty of seeds and a wider selection to choose from. With 19,635 seeds and 105 different types of heirloom fruit and vegetable varieties, customers will have more than enough to give as gifts to their guests.

"The thought of using the seeds as party gifts is a fresh idea that many people seem to be interested in nowadays. In fact, some potential customers have recently been asking us about the specific dimensions of the individual seed packets. They want to make sure that the packets will easily fit into their party favor boxes," said a spokesperson for Home and Garden America.

According to the company representative, each seed variety is carefully sealed in its own clear plastic packet that measures around 2x2 inches. The thickest ones of the packets are about 3/8 inches thick (since there are several varieties, the thickness depends on each seed variety). The small size and thickness of the individual baggies make them practical as party gifts.

"This is just what I need. The small packets are perfect for my party favors. I'm actually using the seeds in a symbolic way: my son has just graduated from high school and will continue enriching his life with more knowledge and experience as he grows older. The seeds represent both growth and nourishment. This is something that I want to share with our guests so they too can plant and grow their own nourishment in life," a customer commented on has more information on non-GMO survival seeds.

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Chuck Harmon