Questis Seed Round Reaches $2 Million

Charleston, SC, September 03, 2015 --( Questis, the developer of a financial wellness product combining software and credentialed financial advisors, announced today that they have raised $2 million in seed round funding. The company plans to use the funding to build out the Questis team, scale into other major strategic markets across the United States, and prepare for their A-Round financing. The seed financing was led by Charleston-based angel investors with additional participation from IOP Capital.

Questis provides employers with a robust, convenient, and unbiased financial wellness solution that increases their bottom line by reducing turnover, increasing employee loyalty and increasing employee productivity. By providing a comprehensive financial wellness solution, employees can access unbiased, professional advice otherwise limited to those with significant assets.

"Questis is the perfect solution for companies that care about employee engagement, increasing productivity and equipping employees to retire comfortably. Our software and advisory components have already had great impact on thousands of employees," said Steve Wilbourne, CEO and Co-Founder of Questis. "It is not just about the employee; it's also a recruiting tool to help talent hungry employers attract and retain the best in their field."

From its Charleston office, Questis is serving a wide range of forward-thinking employers. Clients include Environmental Express, Blue Acorn, South Carolina Ports Authority, SCRA, eGroup, and more.

"Americans as a whole are living paycheck-to-paycheck and struggling to adequately prepare for retirement. The financial services industry is often unwilling to deal with the majority of Americans in an unbiased and simple way. Questis is reinventing the way companies approach their financial benefits, helping transform yesterday's pension plans into tomorrow's financially independent employees," said Marc Raber, Managing Partner of IOP Capital.

Grady Sanner, Controller of Blue Acorn, a Questis customer, added: "The Questis money coaches are literally changing and improving the lives of our employees. The financial services industry world is difficult to navigate and it is great to have a source of unbiased and expert information to help our people make big important life decisions.”

About Questis
Questis - a financial technology firm - creates positive financial habits and outcomes for American workers. We ease the burden of Human Resource professionals while strengthening the financial finances of their employees. Blending personalized advice and education and leading-edge technology - backed by a science-based, academic approach to portfolio management and financial planning - Questis focuses on personal coaching to help employees handle their money. We make the most of their money, so you can make the most of your day. Learn more at
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