NAFA Announces Individualized Fleet Education Certificate Program

New education offering coincides with celebration of CAFM® 30th Anniversary.

Princeton, NJ, September 04, 2015 --( NAFA Fleet Management Association announces the launch of its new fleet education single certificate program. This certificate program will empower more fleet professionals to take advantage of the industry standard in fleet knowledge.

NAFA’s individual certificates of completion offer education on the individual fleet disciplines that comprise the Certified Automotive Fleet Management (CAFM®) curriculum will now be available in segmented form, with a certificate of completion for the student after successfully testing on each fleet discipline of their choice.

This program allows professionals working outside of or in conjunction with fleet to access education developed by the leading fleet education provider in the industry.

“Fleet professionals strive to be the best in their careers, yet some students required more time-flexibility and more accessibility,” said NAFA CEO Phillip E. Russo, CAE. “(With this new program) individuals can enroll in only the courses of study they currently need. What’s even more exciting is now professionals outside of fleet — in departments such as Risk Management and Procurement & Sourcing — can benefit from the most-trusted, most-respected fleet education in the industry.”

Enrolling in as many or as few programs as needed empowers professionals and helps to manage the time they spend with study. NAFA’s new certificate program helps develop advanced fleet knowledge should the student decide to pursue the separate CAFM® designation later.

This announcement coincides with the celebration of the 30th anniversary of its CAFM® certification program. The CAFM® program is a self-study course that educates fleet professionals on the various disciplines of fleet management including asset management, business management, financial management, information management, maintenance management, professional development, risk management, and vehicle fuel management.

Since beginning in 1984 as the Certified Fleet Manager (CFM) program, and subsequently evolving into the CAFM® program in 1989, over 600 additional fleet managers have completed the program. There are currently more than 1,000 fleet managers, industry suppliers, and students in process of attaining CAFM® certification.

“NAFA’s certificate program helps fleet professionals right now, and puts them in a tremendous position later when they accept the CAFM® challenge,” Russo said. “Plus, it can make a significant difference for professionals outside of fleet that need a trustworthy source for information. We feel this will enable a larger, better-educated work force to achieve so much more in their careers.”

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About NAFA Fleet Management Association:
NAFA is the association for professionals who manage fleets of sedans, public safety vehicles, trucks, and buses of all types and sizes, and a wide range of military and off-road equipment for organizations in North America and across the globe. NAFA’s members are responsible for the specification, acquisition, maintenance, repair, fueling, risk management, and remarketing of more than 4.6 million vehicles that drive an estimated 50 billion miles each year. NAFA’s members control assets and services well in excess of $100 billion each year.

NAFA’s members manage fleets for corporations covering a wide range of manufacturing and service organizations, governments (whether local, state and/or federal), and public service entities (public safety, law enforcement, educational institutions, utilities, etc.); still other members serve financial institutions, insurance companies, non-profit organizations, and the like. For more information, please visit
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