Hot Mix Asphalt Pothole Repairs on Demand Offers Privatized Contract Services in Chicago

Eliminates Cold Patch and debris with permanent, durable and rubberized patches even in below zero weather.

Mundelein, IL, September 05, 2015 --( Potholes are a chronic problem that result from changing freeze/thaw weather conditions that impact roadways constructed from asphalt. In the last couple of years, Chicago claims to have patched over 500,000 potholes. Hot Mix asphalt plants are closed from November to April, resulting in the use of temporary patch materials i.e. Cold Patch that result in repeated trips to the repair site and loose debris that is hazardous to drivers and property.

Conventional asphalt cracks and requires maintenance between original construction and repaving.

Municipalities cannot readily identify the true cost of pothole repairs or the cost of services to address 311 calls and constituent complaints. Drivers who run into potholes face extensive repair charges for broken axles and punctured tires resulting in liability claims.

HotMixAsphaltOnDemand now offers Contract Pothole repairs to remove the burden of repeated visits to repair chronic potholes. Using a formula of “Installed Cost per Pound” pricing is provided to permanently repair the hole and dramatically reduce maintenance & liability costs. Quotations are provided on either a contract basis or time & material.

Their competitive edge includes The Asphalt Patch Master, which employs Green Technology that uses patented rubberized pellets derived from waste tires combined with 100% Recycled Asphalt Pavement (RAP). Dispatched directly to the repair site, the rubberized hot mix asphalt is produced to a consistent temperature. Properly compacted in minutes, the repair can be driven over immediately and the impact on traffic is minimal.

Repairs are provided on a Year Round basis, even in below zero temperature.

HotMixAsphaltOnDemand offers a One Year Warranty on pothole repairs.

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Hot Mix Asphalt On Demand
Allan M. Olbur