Shakti Beyond Juice: the Answer to HPP Concerns

Shakti Beyond Juice Introduces UV-C Light Filtration as the Solution to HPP

Irvine, CA, September 21, 2015 --( According to the Center for Disease Control, nutrient deficiency has become one of the leading causes for health issues in Americans of all ages. As people are demanding higher standards of quality and purity from the foods they consume, and Shakti Beyond Juice is part of the solution.

Unlike other companies who use Heat Pasteurization and High Pressure Processing (HPP) in order to sterilize and preserve the shelf life of their products, Shakti uses Short Wave Ultraviolet (UV-C) Light Filtration as a means of eliminating food pathogens. UV-C is the least intrusive sanitization method, which also retains the maximum number of nutrients and enzymes in the juice.

Recent studies have questioned the freshness of juice made with Heat Pasteurization or High Pressure Processing. These methods, while killing potentially harmful bacteria, also remove essential nutrients and microorganisms needed to maximize health.

HPP is used to deactivate certain chemical activities that cause juice to naturally decompose over time. As such, companies using HPP are able to preserve the shelf life of their product for up to ten times longer than its normal lifespan. The FDA does not regulate transparency for use of HPP, and companies are not required to label its usage on packaging or products. Juices made with HPP have an extended shelf life, which means the contents are often more than 30 days old by the time they reach consumer lips; however, Shakti’s limited shelf life guarantees juice as fresh as the produce across the aisle.

Shakti Beyond Juice exceeds FDA guidelines for bottling juice. UV Light Filtration has been used on food products for over 50 years; it does not generate chemical residues in food, and is often used for water or surface disinfection. These UV rays are the same ones emitted by the sun to nourish the earth, enabling growth and life across the planet.

The FDA approved the use of UV-C Light Filtration as a means of purification in 2000, and the effects were found to be minimally invasive, leaving juice in its most raw form. The UV-C light inhibits reproduction of microorganisms, bacteria and molds, while still maintaining the chemical elements needed for juice to retain maximum nutrients. Consumers can be confident that Shakti is the freshest, most nutritious juice available on the market. Visit to find a retailer near you.

About Shakti
Shakti is the first glass bottled, light filtered and cold-pressed juice on the market. Fostered from the belief that finding fresh and natural beverages should be easy, Shakti is built on a passion for healthy living and sustainability. Shakti uses only the highest quality organic produce, locally grown and non-GMO. Shakti is a triple bottom line company, which means that, in addition to profit, we measure success by positively impacting our community and planet. Visit drinkshakti (dot) com for more info, to become a retailer, or to order online.
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