Pet Club Community Editor Discovers Dharma with Pets

Not all dogs are gurus, but all gurus come back as dogs. Nearly three decades later, MJ Reynolds is rediscovering the truth within. She has been with Pet Club since its launch in 2006. Her columns focus on pets and spirituality.

Daytona Beach, FL, December 09, 2007 --( "My friend Bill does 'lion's breath' - with his mouth open, exhaling all of his breath from the depths of his abdomen - with his dog facing his face, staring into his eyes," begins her column, "Discovering the Dog Within."

"Bill believes Sandy was a guru in a former life. She has a totally gentle, accepting nature. There's so much you can learn from a dog."

In response to pet industry news events, such as this year's massive recall of pet food, the series includes an editorial in support of the healing process. Addressed to thousands of adults and children grieving the loss of a beloved furry companion, the column includes a reading list and support contacts.

The series also discusses the issue of dog fighting and an animal compassion movement spearheaded by a group of worldwide religious leaders.

The original pet club community was launched as in September 2007, and promises to be an innovative point of discovery for passionate pet owners.

"You may have seen a product on TV or read about a new pet health or travel service," said Larry Oliphant, president of the host company, DME Sales Systems. "But you will always find more information and learn something new at Pet Club."

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MJ Reynolds