Business-Inform Review Magazine (Issue #8, 2015) – News from the World of Office Printing Equipment and Supplies

Moscow, Russia, September 12, 2015 --( Another quarterly issue of Business-Inform Review – Issue for Professionals (#8, 2014) magazine is out now. The magazine targets specialists in the Russian market of printing equipment, supplies, and parts. 20000 copies are published and is already available for sale.

More than 50 articles have been published in the magazine’s main sections: Global Industry Leaders, Marketing, Printing Outsourcing, Patents and Intellectual Property, Office Equipment and Printing Technology, Printing Supplies, Expos and Conferences.

In the Global Industry Leaders section, a well-known specialist, Dr. Richard Yu, has been featured. He is the president of Suzhou GolgenGreen Technologies, well-known in the global printing industry as a developer of a new Improved Drum Recoating Technology used in opc production for office printing equipment. In the published article, Dr. Richard Yu presents his vision of remanufacturing industry perspectives and solutions to the problems caused by oem-patents infringement.

In the Marketing sections, articles have been published dedicated to the Russian market of the printing supplies in the first half of 2015 (Malinskiy Stanislav, Information Agency “Business-Inform”), forecasts on the global office printing market development in 2015 (John Shane, InfoTrends), 2014 results in Asia-Pacific region (Pankaj Chawla, Idc), recent tendencies of the globals supplies market (Tomas Wolf, Katun).

In the Printing Outsourcing section, an article has been published dedicated to business optimization through Kyocera’s mds-solutions (according to the materials of Sergei Svistunov’s (Kyocera Document Solutions Russia) report on Business-Inform 2015 international exhibition).

In the Patents and Intellectual Property section, articles have been presented dedicated to the experience of lawsuits between oems and compatible supplies manufacturers/sellers. World leading experts have presented a range of articles about possible defense-strategies for remanufacturers and compatible supplies sellers in case of a lawsuit related to the oem-patents infringement.

In the Office Equipment and Printing Technology section, articles have been published regarding color toner manufacturing techniques (dr. Edul N. Dalal), the last decade achievements in laser technologies (Steve Weedon), subjective and objective color printing evaluation points (John Marshall), recent models of Sindoh printing devices (Volker Kappius). The section also contains press-releases of Ricoh and Xerox, dedicated to new models of printing devices on the Russian market.

In the Printing Supplies section, articles have been presented dedicated to the main tendencies of office printing supplies markets development in different regions, the merger strategies of market leaders, features of Australian, European, Latin American markets. The section also contains the articles about the products achieving leading positions on the Russian supplies market: Static Control, Delacamp, Profiline and Colouring, Uniton.

In the Expos and Conferences sections, articles have been published regarding Business-Inform 2015 international office equipment and supplies exhibition (Moscow, Vdnkh, May 19-21, 2015) and conferences within its framework.

Especially for international specialists, several articles dedicated to the Russian market have been presented in English (see English Pages section).

The printed version can be ordered in Business-Inform distribution department (, Moscow specialists can purchase the magazine in Ramis company shop (Moscow, Elektrozavodskaya underground station, Medoviy lane, 4 (building 5)).
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