Over 1000 Users from 10 Countries Reported About the Level of Privacy a VPN Gives to Them

In August 2015 Direct Spark, an online marketing agency from Targu Mures, Romania orchestrated an online survey on 1000 users from 10 countries about the real level of privacy a VPN gives to them. The users that answered to the short survey placed on: www.theprivacyobserver.com are from: United States (23.97%), Canada (23.39%), France (7.93%), United Kingdom (6.87%), Netherlands (6.07%), Russia (5.76%), Romania (4.92%), South Korea (2.92%), Germany (2.79%), Australia (2.17%).

Targu Mures, Romania, September 12, 2015 --(PR.com)-- According to the survey orchestrated by Direct Spark on August 2015 on 1000 users, 73% of them said they have used at least once a VPN solution.

The second finding is important for the study: the main reason users go for a VPN solution is privacy protection. 63% of the users surveyed said they are searching for privacy protection when it comes to VPN, 33% said they are searching for unblocking restricted websites and VOIP applications and 4% have other reasons.

Going forward and querying 1000 online users worldwide, 44 percent of those polled answered that speed and reliability of the connection are the biggest challenge for them, 18 percent related the answer with privacy and security topic. 17 percent of those polled answered that the main challenge for them are the general ease of use of a VPN (setup and login issues) and 8 percent are worried about costs they have to pay for the service. So, VPN providers should pay attention to these important facts recently collected from users.

Finding #4 reveals that 49% from all users consider that a VPN service keeps them safe from 3rd party tracking and 44% consider that using a VPN prevents hackers from seeing/stealing data when they are browsing from public Wi-Fi.

One of the most interesting findings of the study are connected to question 5 and 6 which refer to the opinion of the users about logging policies. The results are encouraging: 71% do believe that zero logging does not exist and 88% of those polled answered that using a VPN greatly increases their online privacy. Still, 12% of the users consider that using a VPN makes them absolutely anonymous on the web.

So, these results should be read by all VPN providers who try to deceive users and sell offering “zero logging.” And one of the purposes of the study was to say it frankly and clearly to everybody: using a VPN greatly increases the online privacy but it does not make the user absolutely anonymous. And also, users have to understand that zero logging (in the absolute sense) does not exist.

Note: the survey was conducted by Direct Spark: http://theprivacyobserver.com with TypeForm and more results are available on request.

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