Anti-Predator Project is Starting an Emergency Fund on a Human Trafficking Investigation

Anti-Predator Project released a statement on an emergency fundraiser regarding an ongoing human trafficking investigation.

Miami, FL, September 14, 2015 --( Anti-Predator Project, a local 501(c)3, non-profit organization, launched, on September 2015, an emergency fund in order to cover all traveling expenses on a human trafficking case.

Anti-Predator Project is the first non-profit private investigation agency in the United States to address the issue of human trafficking. The organization is located in Miami, Florida but has taken cases all over the Unites States in the last 3 years.

Anti-Predator Project, which administers free investigation services to families in need, is now looking for a women involved in human trafficking and whose case remains unsolved by police. To accomplish this mission, Anti-Predator Project utilizes professional investigators, cutting-edge technology, and steadfast perseverance.

“We have been working on this case for a while and have been struggling to reach the financial position to support our investigative staff and interview persons of interest in this case and in this area,” an Anti-Predator Project private investigator said.

Anti-Predator Project investigators will be working for free and taking vacation time away from their full time jobs in order to help this family. All funds raised will go directly toward paying for plane tickets, lodging, travel equipment, and investigative expenses that arise while on location. At this time Anti-Predator Project is seeking $5,000 to solve this case.

Lizz Schrunk, co-founder of Anti-Predator Project, said, “For most of our investigations, we cannot discuss any of the details, which is a necessity to solve a case. APP does not disclose information about active investigations taking place; however we desire to remain engaged and be as transparent as possible with followers.”

To sponsor or donate to this cause, organizations and the general public can visit or go directly to their Fundly fundraiser page,

For more information on fundraising opportunities please contact Dr. Santarvis Brown and for all other media inquiries contact
Anti Predator Project
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