Ravenhearh Law Expands Security Clearance Defense Services

The US government’s security clearance process is rigorous and often ends in clearance being denied. Ravenhearth Law is expanding its security clearance defense services to include appeal.

Purcellville, VA, September 18, 2015 --(PR.com)-- For both employers and employees, obtaining security clearance from the US government can affect many businesses. Ravenhearth Law has expanded its services so that government contractors and other businesses and organizations can enjoy competent legal assistance from a highly-qualified security clearance attorney. As the security clearance process is long and vigorous, Ravenhearth Law can be of service at many points along the way. You might be an employee who is just initiating the process of getting cleared or an employer with cleared workers who could benefit from retaining a clearance attorney. Or perhaps your concern is your facilities and their need for security clearance. These are all areas where Ravenhearth Law is known to excel. In addition to these services, the firm can also help you move forward when security clearance is denied through a security clearance appeal.

As important as security clearances may be for both employers and employees, the US government deems it not a right, but a privilege. Therefore, to get the desired result, either initially or in the appeals process, the burden of proof lies squarely on the side of the applicant, not the government. The government's general policy is essentially as follows: when in doubt, deny clearance. There are two ways this can happen. An applicant may be given a Statement of Reasons that explains why the government has denied clearance, either on a preliminary basis or as an outright denial. In this case, the applicant's attorney can help him or her develop a strong Statement of Answers. The government has a case file on you that your attorney can acquire. The government also has specific adjudicative guidelines, and your attorney can significantly improve your odds of a clearance adjudication in your favor.

Senior Government Contracts Attorney Orest J. Jowyk understands the both the gravity and complexity of the security clearance process. In the case of an outright denial or revocation of security clearance, the applicant has only a limited set of rights as the basis for a security clearance appeal. That is why an attorney like Jowyk's services are invaluable in identifying and framing an administrative judge's errors or any areas in which due process was not adequately followed. Above all, the best course of action is not to wait until the very difficult appeals process to take advantage of an attorney's services, but to do so from the beginning. Ravenhearth Law Firm can make sure you have the best chance of obtaining a favorable outcome in the security clearance process.

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