Zaptitude Announces Good Influence™ Referral Marketing Platform Integration with PayPal

Morristown, NJ, September 18, 2015 --( Zaptitude, the company dedicated to helping businesses maximize sales through customer referrals with its patent-pending, cloud-based platform, Good Influence™, today announced that it provides seamless integrations for sites using PayPal as their payment gateway. The integration comes on the heels of its integration with the Marketo marketing automation platform, underscoring the firm’s commitment to partnering with leading marketing and sales technology providers.

The new integration means that sites relying on PayPal can encourage their customers to share and recommend the products they’ve just purchased. Businesses using PayPal Payment Data Transfer (PDT) may simply install a code snippet on post-transaction pages. The code automatically captures PayPal transaction IDs and includes them in Good Influence reports, allowing retailers to track and measure the success of their referral programs. Further information including customer name and transaction total may also be included with the addition of a second small script.

Good Influence was developed with the sole purpose of empowering organizations to use the positive influence of existing customers to drive new customers. The platform, which is fueled by a patent-pending technology, combines the power of traditional, social and digital media to give businesses the tools to encourage referrals across all channels and then accurately attribute conversions.

“Customer referrals work. They’re a proven way to grow your business. You just have to be willing to ask. We’ve developed a technology that enables companies of all sizes to easily launch scalable customer referral programs that can drive significant incremental revenue,” says Zaptitude CEO Dan Lynn. “And, we’re actively partnering with leading technology companies like PayPal, Marketo, and many others: to allow marketers to launch referral programs that are integrated with their existing marketing automation, sales automation, content management, and e-commerce platforms.”

In this case, that moment is immediately after a sale has been made. Customers delighted with their purchase via PayPal are immediately given the opportunity to recommend the product they’ve just bought to friends and, at the discretion of the retailer, earn a reward for doing so. Retailers will have the ability to customize every aspect of that customer experience, from the look and feel of the Good Influence screen, to the message, the channels on which it’s shared, and more. Retailers can then track the success of their program via Good Influence’s detailed reporting interface. Or, companies can elect to use the Good Influence API.

About Zaptitude
Zaptitude is dedicated to helping companies maximize sales through customer referrals. Our patent-pending, cloud-based platform, Good InfluenceTM, uses the social media influence of existing customers to drive new customers at scale. Good Influence offers companies a powerful set of referral marketing engagement tools including refer-a-friend, gamification, couponing, and more, to easily and cost-effectively launch, manage, and measure large-scale, custom referral campaigns across leading social channels. Our ground-breaking real-time optimization engine helps marketers determine the optimal mix of incentives that delivers the greatest results at the lowest possible cost. Our innovative reporting technology tracks the ripple effect of each referral and its resulting sales so marketers can understand their most influential customers and the ROI of each campaign.

Founded in 2012 by a team of award-winning entrepreneurs and technologists, Zaptitude is proudly headquartered in Morristown, NJ. Current clients include major retail, CPG and non-profit brands that have seen measurable growth in brand awareness, brand engagement and revenue. Learn more at
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