Bhutan Mahayana Tours Organizes a 13 Day Package on the Eve of Bhutan Bird Festival 2015

Bhutan Mahayana Tours organizes a 13 day tour to Bhutan on the auspicious eve of the Bird Festival 2015 to commemorate the 60th birth anniversary of his majesty Drukgyal Zhipa.

Motithnag,Thori Lam, Bhutan, September 22, 2015 --( Bhutan Mahayana Tours is organizing a bird watching tour of 13 days that will celebrate the occasion of the birth anniversary of his majesty DrukyalZhipa. The touring group will participate in the Bird festival 2015 for one day.

UgyenWangchuk Institute for Conservation and Environment under the Department of Forests and Park Services is organizing Bhutan Bird Festival 2015 in partnership with Zhemgang Dzongkha Administration. The theme of the program is "Celebrating bird, Celebrating life" which finds its resonance in the objective of the program. The program will be initiated at the Tingtibi Lower Secondary School, Tingtibi, Zhemgang. The date of the following program will be 8th -10th October 2015.

Bhutan is known for its scenic beauty with idyllic peace. The hospitality segment in Bhutan has significantly come up the ladder in the last decade. There are several events that are been organized periodically like trekking across the pictorial hills and biking tours amidst scenic beauty. This program will be an addition to tap and give a visual idea about the rich bird life of Bhutan. The program will complement the efforts of the nature lovers who have a rich desire to cultivate the rich heritage of bird culture that Bhutan beholds.

Bhutan can well be called as the perfect habitat for beautiful birds, and the pristine ambience adds up to the visual delight. It is common knowledge to everyone that with time we are losing out on bird genre. The objective of the program is to encourage the innate interest that bird lovers have for unusual breeds. The team also aims to foster an important message that will augment our need to save nature for our good. The group is deciding to provide valuable insights on bird life and the habitat that they need to live in harmony. The institute is also of the view that not only will this program serve dividends to bird watchers but also amateur visitors who will be amazed by the multitude of birds that will be on display.

The invitees are asked to celebrate the freedom of bird life for the next few days. A member of the Bhutan Mahayana group very rightfully observed “We want to spread the message of unity in diversity.” The festival will be a perfect cornerstone to all those who believe that there is a place for every living creature in this world. Birds play an eminent role in maintaining the ecological balance of nature. This program for the next couple of days will focus on this pivotal truth.

The group rightfully observed that as the forest life of Bhutan is still intact, with the tropical climate in place, it forms an ideal hub for bird habitation. The program will hope to deliver on all accounts a perfect visual treat to all the invitees who are cordially asked to participate in this wonderful attempt.

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