Ephraim Global Announces Funding to Broaden Children’s Food Program

Ephraim Global, the Tokyo-based asset management company, has announced an excess of $800,000 in contributions to food banks and humanitarian organizations across south and south-east Asia.

Tokyo, Japan, September 23, 2015 --(PR.com)-- These contributions represent an essential part of Ephraim Global Full Tables program, a humanitarian project based on the company’s social responsibility strategy. Since 2012, the Full Tables program has contributed with more than $4 million to various food banks and non-governmental organizations to deliver proper nutrient-rich meals to impoverished children and families across 9 countries.

“At Ephraim Global we believe that assisting destitute communities represents one of our core values and a step forward in helping them develop in the right direction,” said Erich Ephraim, Chairman and CEO of Ephraim Global. “Our efforts have made a visible positive impact on the communities which we have assisted so far and most notably on the children that have benefited from our program, offering them a chance at a healthy start.”

The Full Tables program focuses on identifying poverty-stricken communities across south-east Asia and delivering proper nutrition to children which are facing the risk of hunger, in association with local organizations and partners. The initiative works directly with families as well as schools and local authorities to provide nutritious, balanced and diverse sources of food to those in need.

“While we acknowledge that insufficient nourishment is a global issue that negatively impacts individuals and communities alike, it is even more worrying when we consider that the younger generation is the most vulnerable to its effects. A lack of proper nutrition increases not only the level of social inequality and the occurrence of health related issues; it can also have long-lasting consequences pertaining to the mental and physical development of children within impoverished communities. Ephraim Global and its partners are dedicated to combating this phenomenon and providing children with the necessary resources to grow healthy and develop academically, thus ensuring not only their well-being but also helping develop the next generation of professionals that can further assist their communities in the long-run,” concluded Mr. Erich Ephraim.

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