L-Mesitran's Soft is Effective in the Treatment of Ear Infections in Dogs

Maastricht, Netherlands, September 24, 2015 --(PR.com)-- L-Mesitran Soft is effective when treating ear infections in dogs, even antibiotic resistant bacteria are effectively killed. It is also effective in the restoration of wounds and bacterial infections. Using medical grade honey reduces the use of antibiotics and prevents resistance. It is a good alternative to conventional treatments. These remarkable results come from groundbreaking research from the faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Portugal.

The goal of this research is to show the efficacy of medical grade honey (L-Mesitran Soft) in the treatment of ear infections caused by a bacteria or fungus. The study is done with 15 dogs, pets. All of the dogs are diagnosed with ear infections and are treated with only 1ml of L-Mesitran Soft daily for each ear.

Medical grade honey proofs to speed up the recovery. 70% of the dogs are cured within 7 to 14 days. Within 21 days, 90% of the dogs are cured. Even with resistant bacterial strains, honey shows to be effective.

The results of this study show the impact of the use of medical grade honey. It relieves rapidly clinical signs and speeds up the healing process. Meanwhile it successfully eliminates infection, including those caused by antibiotic resistant bacteria. It is a therapeutic alternative for the treatment of chronic wounds and infection control.

This study is done by Dr. Emi Maruhashi at the University of Lisbon Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Portugal. She will present this study at the Annual Congress of the ECVD-ESVD from 24-26 September 2015 in Krakow, Poland.
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