Alliance H-2 UAV Prototype - Initial Flight Tests in SE Asia

Bangkok, Thailand, September 24, 2015 --( Alliance Lp Drones Ltd., has recently completed initial flight tests of H-2 UAV, a prototype of the solar-powered stratospheric unmanned aircraft currently under development to provide Internet and mobile communication infrastructures in remote parts of the world.

H-2 UAV successfully completed all the scheduled flight tests. The unmanned aircraft demonstrated very high levels of aerodynamic efficiency at both; fast and slow speeds.

H-2 UAV follows its predecessor H-1 UAV, an earlier prototype designed for aerodynamic elasticity and wind tunnel testing.

The final design of Hermes solar-powered UAV will have a wingspan equivalent to that of a Boeing 747, but will weigh less than a small car and it will be capable to stay aloft between 65,000 to 90,000 feet altitude for months or years at a time.

Alliance Hermes high-altitude UAS has been designed and conceived as an “atmospheric satellite” a stratospheric platform capable of flying autonomously in the upper levels of the atmosphere for long periods of time.

Hermes UAV will be economical, environmentally friendly and easy to operate. This unmanned system will also provide satellite services at a fraction of the cost. The platform will remain near earth, facilitating all technical, maintenance and logistic operations.

Hermes UAV ATMOSAT main applications will include; delivery of Internet and mobile connectivity to parts of the world lacking communications infrastructure, earth imaging, asset tracking, communication relays, border and perimeter security, weather monitoring, cellular network expansion, local satellite and persistent area coverage, data analysis and interpretation from the atmosphere over large inaccessible regions, especially over oceans.
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