Indigo Mortgage Announces New Finance Divison, The Equity Experts with Brandon Thienes as Managing Director

Indigo Mortgage, LLC extends its horizons to include a special new Finance Division, The Equity Experts, with Brandon Thienes as Managing Director.

Albuquerque, NM, December 12, 2007 --( Indigo Mortgage, LLC extends its horizons to include a special new Finance Division, The Equity Experts, with Brandon Thienes as Managing Director. The Equity Experts has a twin focus- to develop and provide quality private mortgage and deed of trust investing and to promote private equity /hard money lending as well.

Based primarily in New Mexico, the scope of operations of The Equity Experts stretches beyond state boundaries. The new Finance Division is dedicated to helping individual borrowers, corporate borrowers and mortgage professionals to take the sting out of the proverbial Hard-To-Do Loans. Recognized as thorough professionals for commercial, residential investments, sub-prime, private equity funding, land financing, construction, developments and hard money loans, their business model is designed to protect investors, borrowers and brokers alike.

As a competent retail and wholesale mortgage funding consultancy, The Equity Experts oversee any type of project from residential to condo-hotels, to golf courses to mobile home parks. Borrowers have never had it easy from the home loan industry, so whether one is purchasing an existing piece of real property, arranging funding for a development or refinancing current debt, The Equity Experts are the preferred choice for immediate and long-term funding needs.

Special Features

Unlike most private equity lending groups, Equity Experts is a boutique agency with the ability to raise funding from $25000 to $100,000,000 through contacts with private investors, investment groups, conduit funding programs and real estate investment trusts. In addition, The Equity Experts offer services to their borrower and investor clients throughout the week through cellular and email contact listings on their website Another salient feature is that they work with the management of their client’s loans from start to finish, that is, from inception to payoff without any fee being borne by the investor. This particular strategy has allowed them to secure the involvement of many types of investors, including Tribal Investors who use a specialized investing division called Indian National Investments.

Managing Director of The Equity Experts, Brandon Thienes, confidently claims, “Private Mortgage Lending is perhaps the safest investment vehicle available to an investor today- second only to government secured paper.”

The Equity Experts are Indigo Mortgage’s Private Equity Division. The team is dedicated to understanding the challenges of individuals and entrepreneurs who for one reason or another are either not willing to pursuer the rigors of traditional financing or are unable to qualify for it. Whether a borrower or a trust deed investor, The Equity Experts promise to give their utmost attention - and full access to all of their resources including borrower, investor and broker training; representative contacts seven-days-a-week, dynamic online applications and constantly evolving funding programs. In addition to conventional and non conforming loan products, they also offer access to a pool of qualified investors who are on the look out for solid and qualified lending opportunities.

The Equity Experts
Brandon Thienes
(505) 836-5700