Face Technologies, QiSQi and Innovatrics Introduce a New Generation of AFIS

Face Technologies, a world market leader in business solutions for effective identification focusing on biometrics and smart card technologies based in South Africa and QiSQi, a leading player in consulting, developing and manufacturing of materials, hardware and software for biometric identification and secure documents, based in France, UK and Belgium, today announce a prosperous partnership.

Kent, United Kingdom, December 12, 2007 --(PR.com)-- The partnership was sealed successfully with the first integration of the fast AFIS fingerprint algorithm of Innovatrics for the Republic of Malawi for the specific use in the Transport Information System (Driver’s License Application and Card Production).

Face Technologies, having a proven record of large-scale, high security card projects in various African and Asian countries, was looking for a new partner in Biometrics for emerging projects. The specific client requirements were demanding: speed and accuracy on large scale databases, flexibility of integration, and compliance with mainstream database systems.

Face Technologies, with the assistance of QiSQi, has successfully tested the Innovatrics ExpressID AFIS matching software. Face Technologies has given the green light to implement ExpressID as a standard AFIS matcher to its existing identity management solution.

Innovatrics, a technology leading company based in France and in Slovakia, has developed the new ExpressID AFIS matcher based on its hybrid minutiae and pattern fingerprint algorithm. This technology creates the following business and integration advantages to Face Technologies and its customers:

Fast fingerprint matcher that searches the entire database exhaustively, ensuring better accuracy than standard classification and indexing algorithms,
Usage of standard computer hardware, lowering hardware and maintenance costs, and
Ease of integration into the existing solution, decreasing development time and time to market.

"We strive to provide leading-edge technologies in our solutions so that our customers continuously benefit from the latest innovations," said Mr. Serfies, Face Technologies' CEO. He continued, "We are impressed by Innovatrics AFIS technology, and with QiSQi on board as our consultancy affiliate, we are now well positioned to leap ahead in the AFIS market."

This triumvirate of Face Technologies, QiSQi, and Innovatrics announces a new wave of Identification Technology in Africa, Asia and Europe, where security documents and biometrics meet their needs for a high secure environment according the International Standards.

About Face Technologies
Specializing in smart card technology, beneficiary payment systems, and biometrics and card solutions, Face Technologies focuses on enabling businesses and organizations to identify personnel, clients, and assets. The company prides itself on providing integrated business solutions.
Face Technologies pioneered the use of biometrics in South Africa and has successfully applied the technology in a variety of applications. These applications include automatic fingerprint identification systems (AFIS) and fingerprint enrollment for Driver’s License as well as automated payment systems based on biometrics and smart card technology to verify the identity of pensioners.

Face Technologies has extensive experience in the design, development, implementation and management of large scale, high security card projects. In addition, through local and international projects and alliances, it is able to undertake national and international projects of any size and scope.

Face Technologies has many successful projects including the Free State Welfare Payment, Western Cape Welfare Payment, Namibia Welfare Payment, Botswana National ID and AFIS, Zambia Driver’s License, South African Driver’s License, South African 1994 Temporary Voters Cards and Standard Bank of South Africa Limited.

About QiSQi.
QiSQi recommends, delivers and develops biometric solutions and secure documents. With 25 years of experience in Secure Documents and 5 years in Biometrics, QiSQi let these different technologies flow together to a high and powerful physical security level. With its comprehensive portfolio of existing biometric and high security ID cards, plus experience in integration and visionary focus, QiSQi is a strong security provider. QiSQi is the synergy between professionalism, highest security and flexibility.

About Innovatrics
Innovatrics is focused on providing fast, accurate, interoperable and sensor independent fingerprint recognition software for incorporation into final biometric applications. Innovatrics components offer exceptional performance perfectly suitable for both high-end and low-cost biometric applications. Nowadays, independent software vendors, system integrators, biometric sensor manufacturers and AFIS constructors demand a fast and accurate fingerprint recognition algorithm that is capable of sensor interoperability and compliant with biometric standards. By working closely with these global partners, Innovatrics pursues its vision to bring the ultimate fingerprint recognition software to a variety of biometric market segments and applications, such as government civil AFIS, enterprise identification systems, access control and network.

Johann Caubergh