Leroy Merlin Launches Beacon Trial to Help Understand Customers Shopping Preferences

A flagship DIY store in Poland is exploring buying habits of customers using beacons.

Warsaw, Poland, October 04, 2015 --(PR.com)-- Leroy Merlin, a worldwide DIY retailer, is announcing an implementation of the next stage of its pilot program - a combination of mobile application, iBeacon sensors and proximity platform - to create a beacon-enabled app with the goal of enriching customers shopping experience. In order to execute this plan, Leroy Merlin have deployed 100 Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) radio transmitters called Beacons in one of its flagship stores in Arkadia shopping center in Warsaw.

Measuring the power of proximity
Towards the end of 2014 Leroy Merlin began trial in order to evaluate the potential of iBeacon Technology with its customers. Over the course of six months, the company has been collecting the data about the number of customers and passersby with Bluetooth-enabled transmitter on their smartphones. Based on very successful results of this pilot it looks as though Leroy Merlin will continue to explore the technology for its retail stores.

Future plans, expected benefits
Using Linteri proximity marketing platform, Kontakt.io beacons, and its mobile application, Leroy Merlin will be able to study customers shopping patterns in its brick-and-mortar stores. The gathered data will help understand their expectations and needs while preserving their privacy. This in turn will translate to offering the best possible shopping experience in each of channels - both offline and online - and become the first step to implement omnichannel approach.

“We realized that collecting, analyzing and combining data is crucial for reaching our customers in an effective way. With focus not only on the digital channels, but also on the analogue world, we’re convinced that iBeacon Technology will provide valuable data to help understand customer shopping habits and drive targeted campaigns contextually in both online and offline world.” -Przemek Porada, E-commerce Manager from Leroy Merlin Poland

Linteri proximity platform together with media house METS are in charge of these two pilot programs for Leroy Merlin. Linteri’s custom platform enables managing analytics and communication for proximity systems of any size. Beacons were delivered by Kontakt.io.

To get more information contact:
Maksymilian Pawłowski: mpawlowski@leroymerlin.pl
Linteri PR contact: Łukasz Felsztukier, tel. 664 952 859, lukasz@linteri.pl

About Leroy Merlin:
Leroy Merlin is a worldwide DIY retailer. Company was founded in 1923 in France. Since 1979 it is associated with financial family group - Association Familiale Mulliez (AFM). DYI companies, that were associated with AFM were moved in 2006 to ADEO Association.

Leroy Merlin started its business in 1994 year in Poland, opening its first retail store in 1996 in Piaseczno, Warsaw. Nowadays, there are 48 retail stores, online store - leroymerlin.pl and portals oferia.pl, domzpomysłem.pl and domlab.pl. Leroy Merlin’s Mission is helping others to make their living conditions better.

About Linteri:
Linteri is an innovative Polish startup providing mobile solutions in the field of Internet of things and proximity technologies. The platform includes advanced segmentation and targeting tools enabling its users to conduct personalized communications with their customers based on their behavior in the physical world.
Lukasz Felsztukier