DNA is All the Buzz with Testing Becoming the Norm for Authenticating Exclusive Products – Now Perfume Joins the Ranks

My DNA Fragrance™ introduces First Exclusive and Revolutionary Fragrance Formulation Process using DNA blueprints to create Personalized Perfume.

Beverly Hills, CA, December 13, 2007 --(PR.com)-- DNA identity tests are becoming the new norm in determining exclusivity and many manufacturers are using it to authenticate everything from art and cosmetics to wine, making DNA testing a more and more common practice in the creation of exclusive authentic products. So why not fragrance?”

For consumers desiring exclusive personalized products, My DNA Fragrance™ introduces the first one-of-a-kind revolutionary fragrance that is uniquely formulated using each customer’s DNA profile as the blueprint to create a biologically seductive liquid treasure that caresses the secret desires of the mind. Unlike the 30,000 mass produced and celebrity endorsed fragrances on the market today, the fragrance offers you the opportunity to leave a memory of you in every room.

While US sales lag slightly behind the products phenomenal international success, the company is ahead of the wave in DNA based product launches introduced in the US and stands to gain quickly from its revolutionary DNA fragrance formulation process as it has no fragrance competitors.

When asked what he sees as the biggest challenge in bringing DNA based products to the US market; Zack Gaskin, President of GFI Laboratory stated, “One of the biggest challenges is giving consumers the confidence that their private information will remain private and that no further testing will be performed without their approval.”

Still it is interesting to note that we are literally leaving our DNA everywhere we go, whether it is in the gym, a restaurant, a public restroom, the subway, etc… We leave it in the form of sweat, tears, saliva, hair or dead skin cells leaving a trail of DNA that can be traced right back to us everyday. So why the fear?

US consumers are bombarded daily with entertainment keen on using DNA based forensics to capture criminals or fantasies about DNA cloning on television making them more cautious about waving a DNA swab freely for testing even though generally more and more consumers are participating in DNA based studies and purchasing DNA tests for paternity, genealogy, and forensics every day. International consumers have fewer reservations when submitting their DNA for testing than Americans as DNA testing has been embraced as a norm for individual identity purposes abroad and even the bus drivers in the UK carry DNA collection kits as part of their routine requirement.

Per Gaskin, “DNA holds a colossal amount of information, most of which scientists have yet to learn how to read, but getting all the information that your genetic code holds is not an easy task and much more expensive to produce than the price one pays for testing. DNA tests have to be focused on the genetic markers that have been determined to provide specific information. In the past 5-10 years, DNA testing has become a common household phrase and the blueprint of life is trusted by millions of people each year to help solve issues and provide information about ourselves that was not possible in the past.

My DNA Fragrance™ has tapped into a process that combines the fields of genomics and chemistry to produce a fragrance that is specific to your genetic code. We all have a unique set of building blocks that make up our genetic code. The pattern of the building blocks determines many things about how our bodies will function and react. In the field of personalized medicine, researchers around the globe are trying to determine from your DNA how you will react to medications and your susceptibility to disease based on your genetic code. The goal being that in the future you will go to your doctor and have a DNA screening that will provide you with specific information about you that will, in turn, provide a specific treatment that is best for you. My DNA Fragrance™ has unlocked the potential of our DNA and allowed us a premier to the future of a personalized lifestyle.”

My DNA Fragrance
Dr. Diva Verdun