Reclaim the Winter with DueNorth Traction Aids

Winter can be fun. Have more confidence when walking or running on ice and compacted snow. DueNorth winter traction aids help prevent injuries caused by slips and falls. Get-a-grip before you slip and reclaim the winter. Perfect for recurring freeze-thaw cycles. Fits most styles and sizes of footwear.

Grand Forks, ND, December 13, 2007 --( Winter can be fun, and winter sports have never been more popular. Children anticipate “snow days,” when they can skip school and build snowmen in the yard, or look forward to sledding on local hills. The white sparkle of snow reminds people of simpler times, bringing back fond memories of bundling up to go out, and coming inside to warm up with hot cocoa after playing in the cold. Along with the nostalgia, however, comes the very real threat of icy sidewalks and parking lots. For many people, just the thought of going about daily business in wintertime causes anxiety. Running errands, walking the dog, taking out the garbage, even checking the mailbox all become opportunities for injury, which increases for those who must work outdoors all year round. Seniors, delivery drivers, fitness runners/walkers, construction workers, and winter sports enthusiasts are only a few examples of people who are affected by icy conditions.

Fortunately, the risk can be minimized and people can confidently reclaim the winter with DueNorth winter traction aids from Sure Foot® Corporation. DueNorth winter traction aids are available in three styles: Everyday, All Purpose, and All Purpose Oversized. According to Jon Larson, president of Sure Foot, “People are able to decide which product is better for their needs, depending on how they plan to use them.” All three DueNorth winter traction products are designed for the ultimate in safety and convenience. All are made of a durable rubber compound that is formulated to retain elasticity and fit in all temperatures. All feature ice-piercing Ice Diamond™ tungsten carbide spikes for superior winter traction and since the spikes are replaceable, DueNorth winter traction aids will always perform as well as the day they are purchased.

Recent forecasts predict a return to cold temperatures and snowy weather this winter with statements like “coldest in five years and snowiest in seven”. Even after the plows and snow blowers have run, the winter sun and recurring freeze-thaw cycles create a new set of problems. The ice left after a melt and re-freeze is usually much slicker than compacted snow, creating greater potential for slips and falls and the need for improved traction.

Why continue to feel like crawling is the only way to get to the mailbox or across the parking lot? Why let fear prevent you from doing what you want to do when there is a simple way to help prevent injury? Get the confidence you need from DueNorth winter traction aids. Reclaim the winter.

Sure Foot Corporation
Marla DeFoe