Venntis Technologies TotalGrow™ TG15A Outperforms High Pressure Sodium (HPS) in Ohio State University Trials

In trials conducted this summer at OSU ATI Wooster bedding plants grown under a Venntis Technologies 155 watt TotalGrow™ light outperformed plants grown under a 400 watt High Pressure Sodium light.

Holland, MI, October 14, 2015 --( Dr. Robert McMahon, Associate Professor, Horticultural Technologies, Ohio State ATI, compared the plant quality of 4 bedding plant varieties grown under a Venntis Technologies TotalGrow™ Broad Spectrum Fixture vs. a 400 W High Pressure Sodium (HPS) fixture.

Using 65% less energy than High Pressure Sodium, the TotalGrow™ light accomplished equal or better growth with 21% lower light intensities (umol/m2/s PAR) due to spectral optimization.

Per Dr. Mc Mahon "TotalGrow™ lights demonstrated the potential for drastic energy savings over HPS lights while producing crops of equal or better quality in our bedding plant testing. With 21% less PAR light intensity, our primrose plugs grew over 33% wider and taller with better green pigmentation than High Pressure Sodium."

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Bob Koontz