Kirk, Picard, & Soren Together Again at SpellCasters

Stewart & McDowell honor Shatner at Jules Verne Film Fest.

Los Angeles, CA, December 14, 2007 --( SpellCasters Showcase,, boldly goes where no broadband has gone before in bringing viewers inside the Jules Verne Adventure Film Festival Award Night honoring lifetime achievement winner William Shatner, known to fans all over the world as Captain James T Kirk, master of the Enterprise. The evening will be hosted by none other than “the man who killed Kirk”, Malcolm McDowell. Joined by the “other” captain of the Enterprise, world-renowned actor Patrick Stewart, the three Star Trek icons will treat viewers to a rare appearance together on the same stage as the JVAFF celebrates their new home in Los Angeles.

“SpellCasters is thrilled, to say the least,” beams CEO M. “Hep” Sylvanus, “to have the opportunity to help promote such a historical event. This is more than just a treat for Trekkies, the JVAFF is really doing positive work to bring the Gaia message to the world. We at SpellCasters are glad to help give them a warm welcome to their new home here in Los Angeles and the USA.”

“The message is universal,” he goes on, “and time is running out. All of the dreams that were stirred in us by visionaries like Verne, and made accessible by talents like Roddenberry and Shatner, will be for naught unless we act now to preserve a future for all of us. It is the seemingly limitless effort of organizations like JVAFF and their support of the arts, which help keep us focused on the goal!”

The Jules Verne Adventure Film Festival continues through the 14th & 15th with special tributes to Stan Lee and an opportunity for fans to meet the cast of the hit show Heroes, as well as screenings of the director’s cut of Predator and John Woo’s amazing Appleseed: Ex Machina. Don’t miss out on this unique celebration of exploration and preservation. Tickets and show info can be found by following the link to the JVAFF site on SpellCasters Showcase,

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