Intratec Free Tool Facilitates Industry Investment Relocation Studies

The leading advisory firm is offering a unique, easy-to-use online tool to convert chemical plant investment estimates from USA to other countries.

Houston, TX, October 21, 2015 --( Intratec Solutions LLC, the leading source for chemical markets and process economics information, is pleased to offer, since October 2015, its free chemical plant location factors – IL Factors – in an improved online interface (

Intratec Location Factors are used to convert investment estimates from USA to another country of interest. They are calculated based on high volumes of local data of different locations, relating to productivity, labor costs, steel and energy prices, equipment import needs, freight, taxes and duties on imported and domestic materials and regional business environment, among others.

IL Factors can be used in a range of studies, such as investment analysis, multi-regional economic assessments and global relocation studies. Intratec Location Factors are indeed recognized cost-country indexes, widely used by the chemical industry community for comparing investment data and evaluating which region may provide greater economic attractiveness for a new industrial venture.

Since October 2015, an enhanced interface for the IL Factors is available Intratec new website (, covering United States, China, Germany, Japan, Singapore, Saudi Arabia and Brazil over a 10-year period. Through this better platform, with more features, users will be able to, at no cost, closely examine how specific countries factors have evolved within specific timeframes over the last years.

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