Protein Expression Systems Market: Current Landscape and Future Opportunities

Advances in genetic engineering and cloning techniques have allowed isolation and expression of heterologous and recombinant proteins for research, therapeutic and industrial uses. Large scale applications such as enzyme, antibody or vaccine production require high amounts of protein. This demands that the system producing protein must be easy to culture, allow rapid cell growth and provide good yield.

Mohali, Punjab, India, September 02, 2015 --( Roots Analysis has announced the addition of the “Protein Expression Systems Market: Current Landscape and Future Opportunities” report to its portfolio. The report provides an extensive study of the various expression systems commercially available for the purpose of expressing the desired proteins.

Kamaruz Zaman, the principal analyst, stated, “Over 900 biologics in various stages of development and about 150 marketed biologics highlight the opportunity and importance of effective protein expression systems. In terms of value, the biologics market is estimated to be worth ~ USD 200 billion.”

Zaman continued, “The mammalian cell based protein expression systems have witnessed a wide scale adoption ever since their advent driven by the fact that over 65% of biologics marketed till date are produced in mammalian cell lines.

"Bacterial expression systems are believed to be one of the most commonly used system for laboratory investigation and initial development in commercial activities.
New and improved expression systems based on yeast, insect, plant cells as well as cell-free expression systems are increasingly gaining traction.

"Several big companies including Agilent Technologies, Clontech, Life Technologies, Lonza, Merck Millipore, Promega Corporation and Research Corporation Technologies offer protein expression systems based on various host cell lines.

"Over 100 biopharmaceutical CMOs extend their services in the field of protein expression, accounting for over 270 production facilities worldwide.”

Amongst other things, the report covers:
- Extensive study of the various expression systems commercially available, their key features, associated products, licensing and service portfolio.
- CMOs manufacturing biopharmaceutical products highlighting their manufacturing capabilities, geographical location, scale of operation, type of biologics being manufactured and expression systems used.
- Future growth prospects with respect to manufacturing biological molecules, analysing the overall biologics pipeline under development and providing specific details on some important classes such as antibody drug conjugates (ADCs) and bispecific antibodies.
- Upcoming opportunity presented by the ongoing development of biosimilars and challenges which must be addressed for a more inclusive growth.

In addition to the initiatives taken by the bigger firms, the report covers many start-ups and small companies which have also emerged. Examples include
- Artes Biotechnology
- Cilian
- Dyadic International
- Geneva Biotech
- Greenovation
- iBio
- Jena Bioscience
- New England Biolabs
- Oxford Expression Technologies
- Pfenex
- Plant BioScience
- Protalix Biotherapeutics
- Rhein Biotech
- Scarab Genomics

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