Anderson Thermal Devices Highlight Full Range of Customizable Twin Tube Infrared Lamps

Hawthorne, NJ-based infrared heating component experts, Anderson Thermal Devices are now inviting companies across the process heating sector to explore their full range of twin tube infrared lamps. The company offers both shortwave and mediumwave twin tube infrared lamps, designed to help clients improve the efficiency of their processing heating applications and reduce their energy costs over the long-term.

Hawthorne, NJ, October 31, 2015 --( The use of infrared technology is now helping organizations throughout the process heating marketplace improve their line speeds and consolidate their energy expenditure. But before purchasing new infrared lamps for their lines, business owners must consider the types of lamps available and work with industry specialists to source and integrate the ideal solution. The infrared components experts at Anderson Thermal Devices have significant experience in this area of the marketplace and they’re now inviting clients to review their complete array of twin tube infrared heaters.

The twin tube infrared heaters offered through Anderson Thermal Devices set the standards for performance in the marketplace. The company’s shortwave systems for example can achieve heating up and cooling down times of just one second. This ensures that technicians retain complete control of the heated material at all times within the application. One of the foremost challenges technicians face within their work is the need to ensure their infrared lamps are clean before use. Even the smallest element of contamination can impact application results. Anderson Thermal Devices has taken this challenge into consideration within the design of their twin tube infrared heaters. Each product is designed to be easy-to-clean. They are also suitable for cleanroom environments in which airborne contaminants must be closely contained. The elements used within the twin tube infrared lamps are protected from moisture, solvents, and contamination due to the system’s durable construction.

It’s the foremost solution for a broad range of infrared heating applications. To discover more on the twin tube infrared lamps now offered through Anderson Thermal Devices, please contact their office team directly at800-720-5256 or visit their business website at
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