New Reston VA Firm Transforms Home Movies Into Special Occasion Gifts on DVDs and Digital Media

Times of Your Life Media Specializes Preserving Family Media and Producing Hollywood-Quality Professionally Home Movies for Christmas, Birthdays, Anniversaries and Special Occasions.

Reston, VA, December 14, 2007 --( Times of Your Life Media today launched its family media home movie production service as a unique way for families to celebrate special occasions with professionally produced and edited family movies. The final product, a Times of Your Life Media production, is a gift-boxed, professionally packaged DVD that can be delivered on line or on a digital device like a video iPod. The company also digitally preserves degrading old home movies (any format, new or old), photos and slides on DVDs or digital hard drives. Clients also have the option of opting for off site storage of their media so that restored copies of DVDs can be made in case of loss or damage to home memories.

"Every Family has boxes of old media stashed away," said company founder Joey Thomas. “You hear stories all the time about when someone’s house burns down, the first thing they grab are the family photo albums and home movies before the go running out the door. But in fact, while these items may be the first thing they grab, most people’s home movies and photo collections are stored in assorted boxes locked away in a dusty closet or slopped together in cheap photo albums that lay strewn on the bottom of a basement bookshelf where they rarely see the light of day. What people do with their home movies would make Steven Spielberg cry”.

The company combines Thomas’s award-winning television production experience as producer and editor for ABC News and The Discovery Channel with his personal passion for producing home movies for his family. Thomas also employs some of the best broadcast editors and technical people to assist him in delivering the highest quality family media services.

"What makes Times of Your Life different is that we approach home movie production with the same methods we use to produce a Discovery Channel documentary.” Say’s Thomas. “The only difference is the personal contact that the finished program makes with the friends and family who are your viewers.”
One client, Tommy Link of Fort Lauderdale Florida, says; “They do a great job every time. I just dropped off all of my home movies and pictures, explained what I wanted and a few weeks later I picked up my finished DVDs. The whole process was painless and didn’t cost as much as I though it would. It was well worth it. The DVDs were professionally packaged, organized and labeled perfectly.”

Times of Your Life Media hopes to double it’s output by the end of 2008 due to increased demand of baby boomers wanting to save there dated and deteriorating video home movies, and increased interest in commissioning professionally produced family films.

About Times of Your Life Media

Times of Your Life Media is located in Reston VA at 2042 Chadds Ford Drive in Reston, VA 20 miles outside of Washington DC. The company's services are designed both for special occasions such as anniversaries and birthdays and for anytime "digital mastering" of family heirloom movies that are aging with time. For more information, visit the website at or call 202-256-7861.

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