Court Reporting Firm to Pay Court Reporters Instantly

Huseby has initiated an innovative way of paying court reporters called Instant Pay for Reporters.

Charlotte, NC, October 31, 2015 --( Charlotte, North Carolina-based court reporting firm Huseby, Inc. has instituted an innovative way to instantly compensate court reporters, videographers and trial technicians who sometimes have to wait 90-120 days or longer to be paid for completed work. Waiting to be paid by clients is the biggest challenge individuals and small firms say they face.

CEO, Scott Huseby said this new process for instantly paying court reporters, videographers and trial technicians developed from his experience being both a court reporter and firm owner.

“Instant pay for court reporters further strengthens our position as the No. 1 landing spot for any court reporter who wants to work with a company that puts reporters as its No. 1 customer,” Huseby said.

The program, called Instant Pay for Reporters, offers three options to those who run business through Huseby.

1. Court reporters can schedule their own clients’ deposition(s) and be paid instantly when the job is completed. Huseby will handle all of the court reporter’s production and delivery, and will bill the client directly but pay the reporter instantly. The clients are considered clients of the court reporter, not Huseby.

2. Qualified court reporters and videographers can do their own scheduling, production and delivery. Huseby will then process the invoicing to the clients and pay the reporter and videographer instantly.

3. Qualified owners of court reporting firms or video firms that Huseby networks with can pay their reporters instantly and receive a split instantly.

Interested parties can receive more information and sign up for Instant Pay for Reporters at this email

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