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Paul Blanco of Barnum Financial Group, Talks About Building a Winning Culture on The CEO Show with Robert Reiss

Ridgefield, CT, December 15, 2007 --( Paul Blanco of Barnum Financial Group, talks on the CEO Show with Robert Reiss about building a financial services organization that makes a difference for its clients, its employees, and the communities where it operates. Blanco addresses the value of helping educate the customer, the significance of employee retention to customer service, and the extensive investment in hiring only persons who are highly certain to fit into the Barnum Financial Group’s culture. Blanco cites the organization’s success in achieving retention that is now more than 3 times better than the industry average, 53% retention versus 15%, for those employed for 1–4 years .

Blanco and Reiss discuss Barnum Financial Group’s rigorous seven-step hiring process that starts with the intern program, how ongoing education is used to develop employees, and how employee involvement in community service projects contributes to team-building. He also talks about the value of competitive sports where “the desire and heart to work hard” is a critical factor to success.

The Barnum Financial Group, MetLife’s #1 financial service firm, offers comprehensive personal insurance products and financial planning to help its clients enjoy financial freedom, and is winner of “Connecticut’s Best Company to Work For”. The Group’s website is:

Paul Blanco’s interview on the CEO Show with Robert Reiss will be aired nationally on Sunday, December 16, 2007 at 9 pm Eastern Standard Time, directly after Reiss’s interview with Bill Williams, CEO of Harry & David.

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