FISD Announces Updated and Refreshed FIA Syllabus and Exam

Washington, DC, November 04, 2015 --( FISD, the Financial Information Services Association of SIIA, today announced that FISD, it has completed a refresh of the widely adopted Financial Information Associate professional certification. Over 700 members of the global financial data community are now able to put the respected letters FIA after their name. These 700 + FIAs are from all four corners of the world and from a wide range of organization types.

The FIA consists of a detailed syllabus and an associated 150 question exam; both the syllabus and the exam have been updated to reflect changes in our industry and the markets it serves. For three months, from November 1, 2015 thru to January 31, 2016 the current and the new version of the exam will be available as options for candidates. On February 1, 2016, FISD will retire the current exam and offer only the 2016 version.

Tom Davin, managing director of FISD, commented, “We at FISD have been enormously gratified by the uptake of this first professional certification dedicated to our industry sector. Having 700+ qualified FIAs demonstrates that the certification is respected and valued. This refresh is an important part of maintaining quality, relevance, and credibility – providing a consistent approach for the next 700 candidates.”

About FISD:
FISD, the Financial Information Services Association of SIIA, provides a neutral business forum for exchanges, market data vendors, specialist data providers, brokerage firms, investment managers and banks to address and resolve business and technical issues related to the distribution, management, administration and use of market data. Participants use the forum to exchange ideas, build business relationships and improve the business climate associated with the worldwide flow of financial information. For more information, visit
Allison Bostrom