Intratec Discloses Pricing Data of 50+ Chemical Commodities

The online database offered by Intratec provides up-to-date and consolidated pricing data of more than 50 chemical commodities & utilities, across several world regions.

Houston, TX, November 05, 2015 --( Intratec Solutions LLC, the leading source for chemical markets and process economics information, has launched an online database presenting up-to-date and consolidated pricing information of chemical commodities and utilities (see free sample at

Intratec Database shows graphs presenting regional prices of the following products:

- Chlorine
- Ethylbenzene
- Polypropylene
- Acrylic Acid
- Chloroprene Rubber
- Ethylene
- Process Water
- Acrylonitrile
- Coal
- Ethylene Dichloride
- Mixed Xylenes
- Propane
- Ammonia
- Ethylene Oxide
- Propylene
- Benzene
- Fuel Oil
- Naphtha
- Propylene Oxide
- Butadiene
- Cumene
- Natural Gas
- Butadiene Rubber
- Steam
- Nitrile Rubber
- Sugar
- Butanes
- Electricity
- Hydrogen
- Orthoxylene
- Toluene
- Butenes
- Epichlorohydrin
- Oxygen
- Caustic soda
- Ethanol
- Isopropanol
- Paraxylene
- Vinyl Acetate

The Database provides information across an 8 year time span, for the following locations: North America, West Europe, North Asia, South Asia & Oceania, Middle East, Central & South America and Africa.

Within an easy-to-navigate platform, subscribers of Intratec’s database can explore data visually and analytically to gain a solid understanding of markets’ trends and dynamics, focusing less on extensive data gathering/processing and more on analysis. Chemical industry professionals, analysts and anyone else interested in Intratec’s Database are strongly encouraged to explore a free sample of it, at

About Intratec Solutions LLC

Intratec ( is an independent research and leading advisory firm, recognized for excellence in the evaluation of chemical markets and the economics of industrial processes. Since 2002, the reports, databases and indexes we provide have boosted the early recognition of promising research and capital investment opportunities in the chemical, petrochemical, oil, plastic, renewable, alternative energy & allied sectors. With more than 900 up-to-date reports targeting chemical markets and process economics, our portfolio is constantly growing.
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