Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth Highlights the Wintertime Value Perfomance Features of their Selection of Dump Trucks for Sale

Coopersburg, PA, November 06, 2015 --( Inventory includes trucks such as the 2016 W900, which includes Kenworth’s traction-grip diamond plate steps, which are designed to provide extra [safer?] grip for the driver and resist corrosion from the snow and salt on the wintertime roads.

Fleet operators require the highest level of dependability from their trucks during wintertime operations. Dump trucks must be on the road in all conditions and even the slightest issue can impact the operation and its productivity. That’s why so many companies now depend upon the performance of the dump trucks for sale through market leaders like Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth.

Trucks such as the 2016 W900 from Kenworth set the standard for wintertime performance. The vehicle includes wiring and plumbing that’s mounted in the frame to help offer lasting protection against road salts and other forms of wintertime debris.

To improve steering in tough wintertime conditions, the vehicle also features threaded steel shackle pins and bushings, which help the driver maintain precise control over the vehicle even while on ice or traversing snow covered roads. Kenworth’s engineering team has also refined the position of the radiator rods, attaching them to frame rather than the cab for longer radiator life.

For the wintertime dump truck driver, the vehicles offered by Coopersburg Liberty Kenworth are the standard-bearers. To learn more on the dump trucks for sale through Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth, contact their office team today at 1-888-453-7952 or visit their business website at
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Daniel Held