"Donald Chew" CEO, On-Time Communications Patents Wireless Device That Solves Several Problems Throughout the Cable Industry

This summary briefly lays out On-Time Communications' plan to solve a multitude of issues that has plagued the cable industry for decades.

Chicago, IL, November 09, 2015 --(PR.com)-- Are you one of the millions struggling with your current cable provider? Do you wish you could control your television, add or remove cable channels, DVR and DVD player with one device that wouldn't be a pain to program? Do you think that device should be in your possession?

Then you need to get pumped up: On Thursday, On-Time Communications turned up a patent filed by Donald Chew that shows the company is hard at work designing the "MOTI" a wireless device that brings WI-FI, cable, and the customer together. "This is the device that cable customers have dreamed of for a long time," stated Donald Chew, CEO On-Time Communications.

On-Time Communications patent, which the company filed in the third quarter of 2015, would allow users to access - Wi-fi without having a wired connection as it's built into the device - the device for example, is pre-programmed specifically for you and sent to you ready to go, where all you would have to do is press a button to power it on and determine the type of device you want to control as well as the make and the model of that device.

Once it's powered on, you automatically have a Wi-Fi connection identified the by the device, you will simply be prompted to set a password. The "MOTI" device would automatically obtain the IR codes from the television, lock in those IR codes, and then provide you with a menu to perform a number of other functions.

"That isn't all," Chew stated. "The best feature of the 'MOTI' device is that if you want to reach customer service, all you have do is press the 'MOTI' button on the device, and our customer service staff will call you." Chew went on to state that there will be "No more waiting for installation guys to show up at your home, no more waiting on the phone to speak to customer service reps, and no more bundled packages containing channels that you don't even watch." On-Time Communications, CEO Donald Chew stated that "our goal is to finally bring a common sense approach to the industry, and our customer service team will be able to address any issue that you need." On-Time Communications will eliminate the frustration, and feels that customers should only have to speak to one individual, not be pushed around to10 different people asking the same question over and over again.


"Of course, it is not a reality yet," Chew added. Using your "MOTI" device comes with even more features. The device comes with a built-in DVR, a cloud-based cable app that allows you to pick your own cable channels. Currently, two versions of the device a being developed. The "MOTI14, and the "MOTIS."

Still, the crazy juggling act most of us engage in each time we want to reach our cable provider is completely insane and desperately needs to be addressed. Donald Chew goes on to say, "whether this particular idea ever comes to the marketplace or not, we're going to focus on simplifying the customer service issue." "That's what this device does," Chew stated. "We need a common sense approach and our 'MOTI' device will definitely set us apart from the others."

Chew ended by stating "if customers are tired of being brainwashed and held hostage by their cable company, then they need to act. Their time is now."
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Sherry Tiamani
Inquiries directed to CEO Donald Chew should be sent via email only at ceo@ontimecommunications.co