EAC Network Division Director Wins State Award

EAC Network is a nonprofit based in Hempstead, NY that provides over 70 human services programs.

Hempstead, NY, November 08, 2015 --(PR.com)-- EAC Network’s Division Director of Community Support and Vocational Services, Rachel Lugo, was recently awarded the NYS Governor's Traffic Safety Committee GTSC Chairman Award at the annual New York Highway Safety Symposium in Binghamton on October 20th. She was recognized for her outstanding work with occupant protection and teen driving.

Lugo has long been the force behind EAC Network’s Driving Equation program, which aims to improve teen driving and reduce the financial and human cost of accidents caused by teen drivers. The program also helps enforce state driving laws and stresses the importance of parental liability. Lugo and her staff encourage teens and their parents to sign a driving contract that acknowledges the precautions and the laws that teen drivers must follow to ensure their safety as well as the safety of passengers and pedestrians.

On behalf of EAC Network, Lugo has partnered with State Farm and local driver safety advocate Chris Scalone to promote safe driving at high schools around Long Island, including Mount Sinai High School and Sachem East High School. In addition to Driving Equation, Lugo also oversees SAFE START, a program that promotes child passenger safety by working with parents and child care workers to support effective and appropriate use of car seats, booster seats and seat belts to prevent injuries to children of all ages.

Lugo was also elected to serve as VP of Region 1 for the NYS Association of Traffic Safety Boards. Her steadfast dedication to traffic safety and Long Islanders in need is an inspiration to us all.

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