Dr. Marie Meade, Ph.D. Announces Release of New Book, "Manifesting Money by Command"

Putting Harry Potter's magic into action is not in the realm of impossibility. Author and teacher, Dr. Marie Meade replaces Harry's magical wand with power words that propels the reader to the reachable realm of the impossible in their life.

Shawnee On Delaware, PA, December 16, 2007 --(PR.com)-- In the 21st century, people are looking for that opportunity to create a life of love and happiness, filled with prosperity. "Making life easier, getting what you really want, isn't about re-arranging the objects around us or waving a magic wand" says, Dr. Marie. It is about shifting perspective and energy, according to her. "It is about expanding love, dreams, feelings and aligning with life and flowing with it," continues Dr. Marie.

All self-help books and the gurus of the "Secret" tell us "we are inventing our life on a daily basis including the lack and limitations that seem out of control."

Dr. Marie in her new release shows us step by step the subconscious dynamic interaction of daily life and the powerful influence of energy patterns. She shows us how to easily and clearly step into our passion and power.

Do you or can you believe like Harry that your command is reality?
Power words in a certain format can make it be as Dr. Marie has taught and receives the kudos from many of her clients and students.

Dr. Marie Meade, Ph.D.
Marie Meade