Safari Tree Explores Michigan's Largest Oak Tree

The Bebb Oak is Michigan's largest oak tree.

Safari Tree Explores Michigan's Largest Oak Tree
Rochester Hills, MI, November 07, 2015 --( Safari Tree's top tree tech and certified arborist, Kevin Martindale, after returning from his Rochester Hills tree route; he found that at the corner of Livernois & Auburn in Rochester Hills, Michigan, stands a tree said to be over 200 years old. Kevin discovered that the Bebb Oak at the busy intersection is the oldest oak tree in Michigan, and possibly the entire country. The determination of it's size came from a measurement formula involving it's trunk circumference, height and crown spread. Safari Tree learned that a Bebb Oak is a hybrid between a white Oak and a Bur Oak, having the bark, leaves and growth pattern of Bur Oaks and yet the acorns of a White Oak. Safari Tree takes care of a large part of Oakland County, and the city of Rochester Hills. It's headquarters are located just a few miles from this monstrous historical anomaly. Safari Tree proudly celebrates the Bebb Oak tree and plans on keeping a close watch on it through the next several years!
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Tiffani Edwards