Exquisite Conglomerate Communications LLC Pushes Exquisite Digital University Forward

Exquisite Conglomerate Communications LLC has developed an attractive, digitally enabled, semi-automated education resource to guide the career paths of copywriters, marketers, media, sales force professionals, and prospective business managers.

Charlotte, NC, November 10, 2015 --(PR.com)-- It seems like the message is more of the same when it comes to advertising and delivering career training programs. Radio and television audiences hear and see nonstop advertisements which promote one type of career training program or another. Garland McLaughlin, Co-Founder of Exquisite Conglomerate Communications believes, “Training and career placement programs have been popular sources for attracting health care and skilled labor professionals, but some people like to continue learning and pursuing a wide array of their own professional interests.” Company President, Leathia S Hart states, “Most people know that there are more jobs in the marketplace than what is actually being advertised. Most individuals just don't just don't take the time to understand the skills that are required to perform the job, or even know how to obtain the skills fast and practically free.”

Exquisite Conglomerate Communications LLC has designed and is currently executing an engaging semi-automated program that will train business managers well into the next decade. The methodology behind the success that the program will have is very simple. Small businesses will be able to cut the costs associated with training and continuing to train staff. Garland McLaughlin also states, “The average worker seeking more education will also benefit. He or she will have access to gaining more skills outside of what they already do, and these skills can be applied doing nonconformist, yet valuable jobs.” The training program is a student internship program that focuses on filling the continuing education system gaps, providing multiple niche career opportunities in the job marketplace, and in business.

As a multipurpose student internship program, interns will gain the ability of being able to identify previously hidden job opportunities that aren't readily visible to job seekers today. Given the opportunity, throughout the program student interns will work closely with the staff of Exquisite Conglomerate Communications LLC to expedite projects for Exquisite Conglomerate Communication LLC's clients. These experiences will dramatically increase the skills value and credibility of the participating student interns. With this complete process of education, digital interactivity, and uninhibited potential opportunity Exquisite Conglomerate Communications LLC has developed Exquisite Digital University.

The internship training cost is free, the experience is invaluable, and the verified certifications cost a fraction of what it costs to take a semester of college, or master’s degree courses. Student interns are able to take courses at their own pace, or they can adhere to course scheduling. The verified certifications and course credits student interns obtain are regulated and approved by edx.org, a leading nonprofit digital education institution. Edx.org is partnered with some of the most well-known colleges and institutions around the globe. Course classes are conducted online by accredited professors and instructors. Candidates can take an initial assessment test and discuss their career objectives and goals with an Exquisite Digital University program director free of charge.

Candidates may visit http://ec-communications.jimdo.com/global-services/exquisite-digital-university/ to take the student intern assessment and proceed with enrollment into Exquisite Digital University.
Exquisite Conglomerate Communications LLC
Garland L. McLaughlin