Cheap Eats Website Helps Mom ‘n Pop Restaurants Gain Free Marketing

Campusfork ( is a social network. Their goal is to be the best cheap eats site dedicated to finding bargain dining under $9.

San Francisco, CA, December 17, 2007 --( Campus Fork is a website dedicated to finding cheap eats under nine dollars. In doing so, it gives mom ‘n pop restaurants wider exposure to the public.

Growing up in the Sunset district of San Francisco, Rayfil Wong, former marketing manager of Lee’s Deli and the creator of Campus Fork, created the site because he had seen many mom ‘n pops go out of business, especially those started by Chinese immigrant families who did not have any knowledge of marketing. Wong’s father, owner of a Chinese American restaurant at Fisherman’s Wharf in the 1980s, had to close his restaurant for this very reason. Wong said, “My father was busy working fifteen hour days. He had neither the money, the knowledge,or time to market his restaurant.”

With this first hand experience, Wong set out to create Campus Fork, a social network website which not only gives people options for great food under nine dollars but also helps promote for the mom ‘n pop restaurants. A recent BusinessWeek article by Eric Wahlgren tells us that “Americans spent 33% more eating at restaurants -- about $2,211 per person on average in 2003.” Obviously, Americans like to eat out. Food websites like City Search and Yelp have gained popularity through customer restaurant reviews. Like these websites, Campus Fork desires to do the same, but it is one of the first food website which operates as a social food network in a niche market dedicated to cheap food fanatics.

CampusFork ( is a social networking website offering interactive user-submitted network of friends, forums, blogs, photos, and videos. Wong believes that cheap eats has more relevance than ever before in this era of skyrocketing gas and housing cost.

About Rayfil Wong: Rayfil Wong immigrated to the United States from Hong Kong and is now living in San Francisco. After graduating from UC Berkeley, he worked for food companies including Anheuser-Busch Budweiser, California Culinary Academy, and Lee’s Deli.

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