DormCo Presents New Dorm Bathroom Accessories

DormCo presents dorm essentials a college student needs for the community dorm bathroom for comfortable college living.

Buffalo, NY, November 14, 2015 --( Whether the college student has to share the community dorm bathroom with other college students or the college student has a private dorm bathroom that is shared with a couple roommates, there are dorm essentials needed in order to make these situations more comfortable. The college student may be so focused on dorm necessities for Twin XL Bedding and dorm room decor that the dorm bathroom may be easily forgotten. However, with these college supplies, the college student will be prepared for college right from the start and know what to expect.

The college student is going to want and need shower sandals for the community dorm bathroom. These antimicrobial dorm items have drainage holes and a non-slip grip so the college student can wear them right in the shower and have a barrier between their feet and the dorm shower floor. The college student can even take these to the college pool for safer walking on the slippery floor. The college student is also going to need a shower caddy for the dorm bathroom. A shower caddy will not only provide dorm room storage for bathroom accessories, it will also make carrying those dorm items a lot easier. The college student won't have to play a balancing act by carrying over-sized shampoo and conditioner bottles into the college bathroom - a shower caddy will keep everything organized and it will also keep those bottles off of the shower floor.

Should the college student have a private dorm bathroom that is shared with a roommate, a shower caddy is still needed but the college student can choose a style that fits in the shower whether it is over the shower head or in a corner of the shower. With a large enough shower caddy, all of the roommates in the dorm room can keep shampoo and conditioner bottles in the same caddy and save space on the shower floor and ledges. With having a private dorm bathroom, there are a lot more dorm essentials needed. The residence hall may or may not provide a shower curtain for the private dorm bathroom. If the residence hall does provide a dorm shower curtain, it is going to be bland and not add much to dorm room decor. The college student can create a unique look for the dorm bathroom starting with the dorm shower curtain. Available in a variety of styles and colors, the college student can choose something fun or sophisticated to add to bathroom decor while preventing water from puddling on the floor.

Living in a college dorm room requires dorm essentials that the college student may not be used to needing while living at home. This is especially true with the dorm bathroom. With the right dorm necessities, the college student can make living in the residence hall easier and more convenient.

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Nicole Horning