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Launch of an online marketplace and community for authors of business, technical, design and project specifications and documents

San Francisco, CA, December 16, 2007 --( What if you could publish your business, technical and design specifications and make money from your valuable knowledge on a particular domain, such as ‘credit risk systems’ or ‘residential building construction’?

With Online, buyers and sellers are discovering a world of possibilities in business, technical and design specifications.

Online is a premier independent publishing marketplace for the do-it-yourselfers. It allows anyone to publish and sell or buy any digital design, specification or project document available.

Launched at the end of November 2007 and currently in Beta, the site is set for big things in 2007 with a whole host of additional functionality planned for the first quarter of 2008.

How does Online work?

An author submits a digital file of their document and the site then markets this document to a global audience – from business analysts, to software developers, interior designers, architects, scientist, interior designers, engineers, hobby enthusiasts – anyone can use the site.

When a customer buys a document from Online, the document is immediately available for downloading and use.

There is no fee required to create an account to buy or to sell and Online keeps 12.5 percent of the revenue the content produces while the Author keeps 87.5 percent.

Authors have complete freedom over their documents, and also set the price for their documents.

"I think Online is a great way for business analysts, who end up working on a wide variety of different systems and projects, to sell their knowledge and even transition to become freelancers. This is opening up a range of opportunities for me to be globally recognised for my subject matter knowledge, rather than just sitting at a computer working on project after project here in San Fran,” said Reilly Cooper, business systems analyst, San Francisco, CA.

What makes Online so unique is that any type of business, technical, design and project document can be purchased and sold.

"I’ve been thinking for a long time that someone needed to come up with a site like this. If I look at all of the projects I’ve worked on over the last 15 years, I’ve got an incredible range of knowledge that I want to share with other engineers – plus it helps that I can also earn an extra income from sharing my knowledge with other engineers, not just here in England – but across the globe. Think about it for a second – I’m no longer just an engineer working in London, I’m an engineer working globally – 24/7. Am getting my design specifications ready for launching right now!” said Mike Grantham, Civil Engineer, London, UK.

"Online, apart from being a place to sell my knowledge is a great way for me to market myself to other engineers and potential future employers based on what I do best – design specifications." said Grantham.

"The site looks great and is really intuitive – its easy to upload and publish your own work, as well as purchase others work as well. I can really see myself spending a lot of time on here downloading other member’s documents and expanding my knowledge and career opportunities immediately.” said Christine Matthers, Project Manager, Atlanta, GA.

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