Transportation Firms Make It Easy for Non-Profit Environmental Groups to Receive a Million Dollars

To support non-profit environmental groups worldwide, two Canadian companies will donate $10 from every sale of their technology that reduces vehicle emissions and fuel consumption to a designated environmental organization. For helping, each agent of change will also receive $10.

Ottawa, Canada, December 18, 2007 --( Tadger Group International ( and EnviroTek Associates ( have launched an Environment Support Program to raise one million dollars for non-profit environment protection agencies.

“Neither TGI nor EA are big enough yet to donate a million dollars, but we can provide the vehicle for consumers and non-profit groups to join with us to reach the target while contributing to a healthier and cleaner environment.” said John Mogford, President of Tadger Group International.

The Program is driven by the TADGER, designed by a Native American seeking a simple, inexpensive way to reduce vehicle emissions for everyone. While others conjectured and debated, Doug Scouten designed a product to reduce emissions from all fossil fuel-burning internal combustion engines.

His TADGER solution is:

1. Affordable
2. Easily installed and removed when owners change vehicles
3. Made of solid brass and aluminum with no moving parts to break
4. Guaranteed for life
5. For use on old and new engines, gasoline and diesel engines, normally aspirated (carbureted) and fuel-injected engines, and piston, turbine, and rotary engines.

11,000,000 Kilometers and 225 months of testing in 23 countries show the TADGER Reduces Emissions, Extends Oil Life, and Improves Mileage.

“Our Program encourages the use of an innovative technology for decreasing the negative impact of the transportation sector on the environment”, said Gord Pinder, Senior Managing Partner of EnviroTek.

An individual can become an “agent of change” by visiting the Tadger Group International Website. When a TADGER is purchased, both the referral agent and his or her favorite environment protection organization are rewarded with $10 each.

“Our Environment Support Bonus is an exciting fundraising model for consumers and environmental groups worldwide committed to making our planet a better place to live,” said Jean-Marc Plouffe of EnviroTek.

Tadger Group International
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Gord Pinder 613-260-2966

Jean-Marc Plouffe 819-664-5253

Envirotek Associates
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