KantanMT Revolutionises the Machine Translation Quality Review Process with KantanLQR™

KantanMT release KantanLQR™, a game changing quality review tool that automates the language review process during the development stage of a customised KantanMT engine. KantanLQR will reduce the time required to Quality Review KantanMT engines by as much as 50%.

Dublin, Ireland, November 20, 2015 --(PR.com)-- KantanMT is pleased to announce the release of a new project management tool for the KantanMT Community; KantanLQR™. KantanLQR is designed for both Reviewers and Project Managers to automate the Review Workflows involved in improving the quality and translation fidelity of their customised KantanMT engines. KantanLQR will reduce the time required to Quality Review KantanMT engines by as much as 50%.

Project Managers can use KantanLQR to create fully customisable LQR (Language Quality Review) projects as part of a managed workflow that automatically distributes translated segments to selected reviewers. The customisable LQR features allow PMs to define a project specific error topography, which is used by reviewers to determine the quality of each translated segment. As reviewers evaluate translated segments, the results are tracked and recorded in real-time on the PM Dashboard, so the project’s progress can be easily monitored.

The KantanLQR dashboard also provides reviewers with workflow timers and comparative performance charts so they can monitor and manage their review work.

Benefits of KantanLQR™
Reduce Quality Review time for KantanMT engine builds by 50%
Manage the project more efficiently with fully automated Language Quality Review
Develop KantanMT engines faster with a streamlined process

Once a review project is completed, the PM can view the project’s results and using this feedback, re-train their KantanMT engines to reflect higher levels of quality and translation fidelity.

“Time is one of the most important resources for our clients, and we are dedicated to developing new and innovative ways that will maximise our clients’ resources,” says Tony O’Dowd, Founder and Chief Architect of KantanMT.com. “KantanLQR will help our clients to fully automate the language review process so engines can be deployed into the localization workflow faster.”

The game changing feature will have limited release from December 2015 and is scheduled for general release to the KantanMT Community in early 2016.

To know more about KantanLQR™ send an email to info@kantanmt.com.

About KantanMT
KantanMT.com is a leading SaaS based machine translation platform that enables users to develop and manage customised machine translation engines in the cloud. The innovative technologies offered on the KantanMT.com platform enables members to build MT engines in over 760 language combinations, seamlessly integrating into localization workflows and web applications. KantanMT is based in the INVENT Building, DCU Campus, Dublin 9.
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