Outsight Radio Hours Interviews Live: Chuck E. Weiss, Norman Greenbaum ("Spirit in the Sky"), Arthur Barrow (Zappa)

Chuck E. Weiss appears on Outsight live 30 December, 2007 to discuss his album reissue on Select Records. Norman Greenbaum, famous for the song “Spirit in the Sky”, appears on Outsight live 6 January, 2008. Arthur Barrow, a long-time Zappa collaborator, appears on Outsight live 6 January, 2008.

Detroit, MI, December 19, 2007 --(PR.com)-- Outsight Radio Hours is Tom Schulte’s radio program that appears on Internet radio stations, college radio, and podcasts. Outsight Radio has been doing live phone interviews since the very inception of live, streaming Internet radio in 1999. A rich and varied archive of Outsight Radio interviews is at http://www.new-sounds.net/coolstreams. All interviews happen live during the Outsight show 3pm-5pm Eastern Sundays on http://www.luver.com and re-air later that night during the 7pm-9pm Eastern show Sundays on http://www.radio-freedom.com.

Chuck E. Weiss appears on Outsight live 30 December, 2007. Weiss will discuss his album reissue on Select Records (http://www.selectrecordsonline.com/) which will be featured on the show. Weiss could also speak of working friendships and collaborations with the likes of Lightin’ Hopkins, Muddy Waters, Tom Waits, and legendary bassist Willie Dixon. After a tour with Hopkins, Weiss began residing in Los Angeles’s infamous Tropicana Motor Motel alongside Rickie Lee Jones, The Eagles, Linda Ronstadt, Tom Waits, and Frank Zappa. In 1979, Weiss became the subject of Rickie Lee Jones’s monster hit “Chuck E.’s in Love” and made a few name appearances in Wait’s songs as well as co-writing with him.

If that story was not impressive enough, Weiss would add that in 1981, Select released a collection of Weiss’s demo songs titled, “The Other Side of Town”, and Weiss went from being song material and occasional collaborator to a solo artist. Part blues and part early rock and all heart allowed Weiss to achieve success and a sound all his own. Select feels that this recording, released in 1981 when the company was young, deserves to be re-released at this time when the roots of music are more sought out and appreciated by today's listeners.

Norman Greenbaum, famous for the song “Spirit in the Sky”, appears on Outsight live 6 January, 2008. Greenbaum will discuss his official Web presence http://spiritinthesky.com/. This is a fun site, featuring offers from Norman's Store on 5 Norman Greenbaum CD's, exclusive T shirts, tattoos, stickers, guitar picks, magnets and autographed pictures.

Fads such as "tickle me Elmo", "dancing babies" and, of course, the "beanies", come and go. Norman Greenbaum has proven to be an endearing and everlasting phenomenon in the music industry. "Spirit In The Sky", fueled by its high profiled use in movies such as " Remember The Titans, "Miami Blues", "Contact", "Apollo 13", "Superstar", "Ocean's Eleven" and the irresistible "Wayne’s World 2", has also been featured in such national ad campaigns as H.B.O., Enron, American Express, Infiniti and SBC Yahoo, while also being featured in "Beverly Hills 90210", "Arliss", "Rock & Roll Jeopardy", "Gideon's Crossing", "The Drew Carey Show", "General Hospital" and "VH1's Top 100 One Hit Wonders" and "I Love The 70's". We’ll catch up with Norman Greenbaum and find out what he’s doing now.

Arthur Barrow, a long-time Zappa collaborator, appears on Outsight live 6 January, 2008. This continues an Outsight series of live interviews with Zappa collaborators. Archived portions of the series can be found at http://www.musicsojourn.com/AR/Prog/page/z/zappafrank.htm. In 1975, Barrow moved to Los Angeles to pursue a professional music career, with a main goal of being able to play in Frank Zappa's band. Barrow met Robbie Krieger in 1976 and recorded synthesizer with The Doors on an album called American Prayer. He formed a jazz group with Bruce Fowler and Don Preston called Loose Connection in the latter 1970's. In the summer of 1978, Barrow passed the audition and began playing bass in Frank Zappa's band. In 1979, he also took on the duties of being the "clonemeister", or band rehearsal director. The band rehearsed for 8 to 10 hours a day, 5 days a week. Barrow would run the rehearsals for the first half of the day, then Frank would take over when he arrived. Barow did 5 tours with Zappa and can be heard playing bass, guitar and keyboards on about a dozen recorded albums.

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