WebDeal Announces Support for eZ Publish 4.0

WebDeal, the world's leading eZ Publish hosting provider, today announced support for the newly released eZ Publish 4.0 on its Premium Shared Hosting environment. The announcement is the final step in WebDeal's plan to provide a complete growth path to its customers with eZ Publish 4.0 – from Premium Shared Hosting to Fully Managed Dedicated Clusters.

Oslo, Norway, December 19, 2007 --(PR.com)-- WebDeal, which already held the position of leading hosting provider for eZ Publish 3.x, is now the first hosting company to announce support for the newly released eZ Publish 4 on all of its hosting levels. The new version of the popular content management system (CMS) meets WebDeal's strict quality standards and is available for immediate delivery.

This will allow their eZ Publish 4.0 customers to grow from a Shared Hosting environment to Fully Managed Dedicated Clusters without the hassle of having to switch hosting providers. One of WebDeal's biggest advantages has been its short lead-time delivery of pre-loaded eZ Publish hosting. With its new eZ Publish 4.0 hosting, the already short lead-time on Premium Shared Hosting has been reduced even more: in most cases customers will only have to wait 5 minutes before their eZ Publish site is up and running. And if they choose a more complex Fully Managed Dedicated Server with eZ Publish, they will only have to deal with a delivery time of about 3 hours.

“With a focus on providing Technical Excellence to our clients, our dedicated eZ Publish hosting team has designed a hosting environment optimised for high eZ Publish 4.0 performance and stability. This gives us the chance to provide a unique eZ Publish compatibility guarantee.” says Egil Fujikawa Nes, International Business Developer and co- founder of WebDeal.

Technical Excellence is the foundation of WebDeal's success in the hosting business. This is also recognised by eZ Systems, the creators of eZ Publish: “Webdeal is more than a hosting provider for eZ. They have demonstrated eZ Publish excellence on a technical level and are certainly regarded as a hosting expert for eZ Publish sites,” says Bertrand Maugain, Global Partner Manager for eZ Systems.

To try out WebDeal´s Premium Shared Hosting services and eZ Publish 4.0 for 2 free weeks, sign up at: http://webdealhosting.com/ez-publish-trial-hosting

About WebDeal
Founded in 2001, WebDeal is the world's leading eZ Publish hosting provider. The company has a strong partnership with IBM in the Open Source marketplace. Mastering both conventional Intel- based servers and more advanced IBM System p servers, WebDeal has, over the years, been recognised for its high technical standards, a strategy they call “Technical Excellence”. Webdeal's services cover both Premium Shared Hosting, Fully Managed Dedicated Servers and Fully Managed Dedicated Clusters.

Ana Leticia Sigvartsen