Pioneering Pediatric Neurosurgeons Share Tricks of the Trade

New York, NY, November 22, 2015 --( The primary focus of "Pediatric Neurosurgery," recently published by Thieme, is how to achieve technical excellence in the OR, but this is also a remarkably personal book about the art of pediatric neurosurgery. It is infused with the wisdom of master surgeons who generously share their decades of experience.

It is essential for the pediatric neurosurgeon to acquire a detailed understanding of a vast amount of specialized anatomy, pathology and pathophysiology that is constantly changing throughout childhood. This book helps readers gain this knowledge and become safer, more skillful surgeons. While the knowledge base of pediatric neurosurgery is expanding, knowledge isn’t enough. The pediatric neurosurgeon has to execute the operation he or she decides to perform. This means working in small spaces with danger lurking at every turn.

Special Features:

- More than 800 stunning, full-color illustrations
- Online access to 34 videos in which experts from all over the world demonstrate the operative nuances and techniques that help surgeons get patients safely in and out of the OR
- Written by master surgeons from 10 countries who share a wealth of insightful wisdom garnered from years of experience, refinement of surgical techniques, and development of numerous innovations

This state-of-the-art volume is an unparalleled teaching tool that reveals invaluable tricks of the trade. It is an essential resource for pediatric and general neurosurgeons, neurosurgery residents and fellows.

About the Author

Alan R. Cohen, MD, FACS, FAAP, is Neurosurgeon-in-Chief and Chairman, Department of Neurosurgery, Boston Children’s Hospital; and Franc D. Ingraham Professor of Neurosurgery, Harvard Medical School, Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

About Thieme

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